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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Kikiraru Dashinara- Routaikakami, Prevailar of Fury
World of the Living, Karakura Town, Tatayi Corp Roof
Humanoid True Form

Kikiraru eyed up the creature carefully as it responded, not quite believing what it was saying, but his attention turned to a new voice, several moments passing before he spotted where the voice came from.

“You’d do well to leave that woman alone” the voice spoke, in a non-threatening tone.

Kikiraru could feel the power emanating from the new arrival, and figured it was another Routaikakami. Kikiraru nodded at the other Routaikakami, before turning his attention back to the creature.

"Just what are you?" the creature asked.

"I am Kikiraru, Prevailar of Fury." Kikiraru answered the creature's question. "And I am not very pleasant when I am angry, and you can ask the civilization that used to worship me a long time ago, if they were still alive."

Kikiraru stared intently at the creature, before glancing at his secretary who was slumped on the ground, unconscious. Kikiraru's attention snapped straight back to the creature, narrowing his eyes at it.

"Even though the woman was annoying, I don't take too kindly to somebody harming my staff." Kikiraru growled. "If she is even traumatized by your attack, I shall make you wish you never existed."

Kikiraru's features instantly changed into anger, showing that he was definetely not messing around at all. Kikiraru flexed his claws, waiting for what the creature would do in response to him.
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