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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

I stared at the Vasto Lorde, sighing softly as I twitched my tail. I glanced about at my fellow Routaikakamigami, then shook myself and looked back to the Vasto Lorde. I could sense the desperate hunger radiating from him and felt a bit sorry for him. Unfortunately, that was no excuse to let him simply go about attacking innocent people.

“You must excuse us,” I said, taking the initiative. “When someone attacks a human it’s usually out of malice of one sort or another. How were we to know what your intentions were? All we see is a Vasto Lorde getting ready to attack a defenseless human. Also, there was the chance you might have been one of our enemies, and that was one reason I, at least, felt the need to come and check on the situation.”

I nodded briefly to Septem and Quinque, who had only arrived moments ago, and smiled at them a bit. It had been some time since we’d last met, and it was always nice to run into those I hadn’t spent time with for a while. Now was hardly the time for reunions, though.

“I don’t think there’s a need for punishment or reward,” I told them, flicking my tail at the Vasto Lorde. “I can tell he meant no harm, at least not intentionally. All the same, it’s too dangerous for you to go about leaching off random humans.” Here I turned back to the Vasto Lorde, studying the short figure. “I can feel the hunger coming off you. You might not be able to stop yourself once you start, and if you were to kill anyone, even on accident, that would surely require some sort of retribution.

“Luckily for you, we Routaikakamigami have more than enough Spirit Fire, more than any one of your kind could ever fully drain even if you were given all of eternity to try. I cannot speak for the others, but I, at least, would rather you take some of my energy rather than that of a human with no means to fend you off.”

As I spoke, I sensed a familiar and unwelcome spiritual pressure coming from the base of the building. Two, actually, though one of them was far more likable than the other. The Captains Mayuri and Shunsui had arrived. I resisted the urge to leave the current situation and confront Mayuri, knowing he was only here because of the vast amount of spiritual energy. I scowled darkly and shook my head, deciding it would be best to ignore the unpleasant Soul Reaper unless he directly interfered with the situation. If we were lucky, Shunsui, who I liked far more than Mayuri, would talk his fellow Captain out of anything foolish.

And in the distance there were Hollows, but I could also feel the Quincy and…another…was dealing with them. I didn’t think the Hollows would be a threat, but I kept the fight in the back of my mind, ready to go over and give my help if it seemed things were getting out of hand. I felt a stab of guilt cut through me; so many Hollows were being drawn to this place because of the ridiculous amount of Spirit Fire we Routaikakamigami were giving off. Many of them became warped by the sheer amount of it, mutating into powerful beasts even more monstrous than their normal counterparts. I knew it couldn’t be helped, but the recent invasion of Hollows not only here, but in various place around the world, was at the very least indirectly our fault.

I pushed the unhappy thoughts away and focused on the task at hand. The Vasto Lorde could be a brutal threat to most humans, but even if he absorbed his fill from me I wouldn’t notice the missing energy. It was far safer for me to be a willing donor than some unwilling, unawares human like the woman currently slumped to the roof.


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

Zohara heard the injured girl speaking despite the distance between them and the low pitch of her voice. He smiled even more, knowing without looking that the other girl, the pretty orange-haired human, wasn’t nearly as suspicious or perceptive. She, he knew, he could easily lure into trusting him with his pitiful story of having no memory. But why should he be so certain of this when she wasn’t following? That was simple. He knew he would see her again, sooner or later. Whether they met by chance or he had to hunt her down to her home, they WOULD meet again.

For now, something else happened to divert his attention. There were several powerful spikes in spiritual pressure, spread around the town. He recognized four as those odd beings, the deities known as Routaikakamigami. There was another, one that felt like the strange girl he’d healed. He couldn’t tell what was going on, but it was of little interest. Mainly that was because of the two Soul Reaper pressures he also sensed in that area. He remembered them from his time in the Soul Society, though he couldn’t recall the names of their owners.

No, something else piqued Zohara’s interest. Hollows, three of them, and another powerful spiritual pressure that belonged to someone obviously fighting the beasts. Zohara smiled widely to himself, his fangs showing briefly as pleasant thoughts rolled through his mind.

‘So very many possibilities here. I don’t think I could ever go hungry in a place like this,’ he told himelf, breaking into a dash so fast he became little more than a blur. Within a few minutes he reached the scene of the fight, which was a school. Children and adults alike were running, screaming and basically panicking uselessly as the Hollows attacked. Then Zohara saw a young man dressed in white appear and fire several electric blue arrows at the Hollows, drawing their attention to himself. As the Hollows turned towards him and advanced, Zohara noticed one young child that, in her complete and all-encompassing fear, was running directly towards the battlefield. Normally he would have laughed at such a sight and left the girl to her fate, but this young man fighting the Hollows might be a good tool for him to employ later.

Darting forward, Zohara snatched the girl up when he reached her and carried her a safe distance away before setting her down. Too overcome by her terror, the girl simply collapsed to the ground and stared at him with wide eyes. Zohara knelt down and smiled briefly at the child, keeping his fangs hidden as he snapped his fingers. There came a small burst of dark violet flames, and from these emerged a giant crow. It was nearly the size of a golden eagle, and it cawed harshly as it flew above the two. Zohara signalled to it and the bird descended, perching on his arm when he held it out. The avian’s plummage matched the color of the flames it had come from, though its eyes were an eerie red-black color. A crest of sharp-looking featers rose from the top of its head and tapered down its neck.

“This is Chozi, a friend of mine,” Zohara told the child, who had snapped from her fright-induced stupor to watch the bird. “He’ll protect you, okay?” Chozi cawed again, peering at Zohara with an eye in an indignant expression. He was clearly unhappy with the ploy, though he understood the reason for it. His master only acted like this when he was trying to manipulate someone. So, without putting up a fuss, the bird launched off Zohara’s arm and landed near the girl, trying to look as reassuring as possible despite the fact that he’d rather be eating the little human. The girl reached out and hesitantly patted the bird, seeming to take comfort from his presence.

This had only taken a few moments, but already one of the Hollows, a hulking ape-like monster, was coming towards them, drawn by Zohara’s spiritual pressure. The Vampire snickered at the ponderous beast as it came towards him, ambling towards it without any apparent concern. When he and the Hollow came together, the larger creature drew back an arm and punched a fist larger than Zohara himself at the Vampire. Moving too quickly for the Hollow to track his movements, Zohara dashed between the thing’s legs and slid to a halt behind it, spinning to face the Hollow’s back. Leaping into the air, Zohara landed lightly between the Hollow’s shoulders and crouched down, his nails becoming like claws as he jabbed his left hand forward. His nails eaasily tore into the Hollow’s flesh and the Vampire hooked his fingers, ensuring a powerful grip on his foe. The Hollow gave an angry roar of pain and thrashed about, but its burly arms were unable to reach behind it, and its shaking was useless in dislodging Zohara.

Thus anchored, the Vampire raised his other hand and started gathering a condensed orb of spiritual pressure. Unlike that of most other beings, Zohara’s spiritual pressure manifested as an inky purple-blue color, looking almost gooey as it roiled around his hand. Once the energy ball was about the size of a soccer ball, Zohara snapped his hand down and plunged it at least seven inches into the Hollow’s body. The monster shrieked in pain as Zohara released the orb, which split into several smaller spheres before ripping their way through the Hollow. A few erupted from its face, shattering its mask and slaying it. As he fell through empty air, Zohara remained in his crouch and landed on his feet, straightening and dusting himself off as the ash-like remains of the Hollow dissolved and faded away.

“Who else would like to play?” the Vampire asked, casting his glance between the remaining two Hollows.


OOC: Hope you don’t mind that, metal. I assumed the Hollows were just random NPCs that you made appear for some conflict. If not let me know and I can edit this ^^.
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