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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
Gin Ichimaru =Soul Reaper, 3rd Division captain=
Soul Society; Near the Third Division Barracks

"Hey, I know you don't want to talk to me and all..." Gin Ichimaru's voice came from not far behind his childhood friend. Of course he'd sensed her coming in this general direction, and he had doubted (correctly) she has just happened across here without meaning to. But, this was probably the only chance he'd get for a while; may as well run with it. "But I haven't really gotten a chance to say what I wanted to tell you between me almost dyin' and you hiding behind Captain Hitsugaya every time I come around. I won't take more than five minutes of your time; humor me for five minutes, just for old time's sake, hm?" He requested. He knew he'd probably get a big 'NO' and a slap... or she'd just run away. If she slapped him, at least she would be putting her feelings out there; he was pretty sure she was mad, but this'd give him a better idea of just -how- mad she was. Hopefully, she'd at least listen to what he had to say.
Rangiku stiffened, back snapping ramrod straight at the voice. In another time and mood, she might have made a flirtatious joke about how the kneejerk movement made her voluminous breasts bounce slightly, but as it was, she wasn't in the mood.

But of course he was there. She should have known, no, she knew. It was Gin. He might not have been Captain Unohana, or Ukitake or the old guy, or Captain Hitsugaya, but he knew his crap. He was a *child prodigy*, after all. She knew that too well; it had been partly why he had so suddenly left her that day, no warning at all. Not the smallest acknowledgement.


"When's your birthday, Rangiku?"

"...I don't know. I only started counting the days since I met you."

Rangiku swallowed hard, fighting with that single minded will she was so known for when she wasn't screwing about and making life difficult. She bit her bottom lip hard, until the soft pink seemed as if it would go beyond white and begin to bleed. Blinked angrily at the tears settling in the corner of her eyes as Gin spoke.

Old time's sake? That's rich.

"Old time's sake, huh? That's rich coming from you, Gin Ichimaru. It's not like you ever had the heart to be as sentimental as that."

She'd spoken the words even as she'd thought them, but even when she realised she'd done so, she wouldn't take them back. Rangiku never took anything back, and in the bitter, selfish part of her mind, she wanted him to hurt. She wanted him to feel the pain she'd felt every day since he'd betrayed them and left, the horrible mental and emotional agony that came with the loss and betrayal of one who meant the most to you.

She. Wanted. Him. To. Hurt.

She could run away. There was no one about (ironic, that) to see it, just as there was no one about to see her slam her closest body part into...oh, his groin, his cheek...he was stronger than her, but that'd give her enough time and satisfaction to get away. He'd deserve it more so, in her head, for the absolute insult to both herself and her Captain...hiding behind him. Bullcrap.

But as it was, the body never followed the mind. Thus, though her mind screamed that both her options were more than satisfactory, the rest of her...didn't move. Her body tensed, her fists clenched, her hair lifted slightly in the ever present breeze in the streets of Seretei, she closed her eyes tight and opened them, the shimmer of anger turning warm blue to icy gaze when she finally spun around to face him. She was Matsumoto Rangiku, and she would die before she lived up to the reputation of being a coward.

Even if it meant showing the entire world of your every heart-shattered emotion between the sparks of anger, giving your tormenter the satisfaction of knowing they were under your skin.

"Spit it out then, Gin-san," she spat, the venomous tone quavering and betraying her only slightly before she deliberately spoke that formal, emotionless honorific, "I've got places to be."

She didn't. She really didn't. She wouldn't be going back to her division for a while - Hitsugaya would pick her up in a heart-beat, and then she'd be dealing with her silently fuming Captain for hours on end.

Gin didn't know that, though. Or maybe he did; he'd once known her better than anyone. Once. It seemed so long ago.

OOC: Whoo for Rangiku/Gin angst. xD
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