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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes) and Orihime Inoue
World of the Living: Karakura
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Blackmoon watched Zohara's retreating back and made a sound similar to one of dissatisfaction. "I don't like him. Feels like Niccholi." She muttered beforeturning her eyes to the girl who stood there, half-turned to the man herself, Blackmoon could tell she was falling for his story, she, however, didn't trust it at all. "Don't fall for it." She cautioned, causing the woman to turn her head and look back at the Vasto Lordes sitting on the ground, some cuts still standing out against her pale skin and white uniform, the gash across her chest was mostly healed, it was now just a thin line as opposed to the huge thing it had been before.

"Excuse me?" The human girl asked politely, walking towards her, Blackmoon cringed at her as she noticed the spiritual pressure and the memories of her past were pulled up again. She knew this woman, the one Aizen had had Ulquiorra take and keep watch over, the one who healed Grimmjow's arm, then let him get killed by that monster, Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Orihime Inoue." She said simply, the name slipped out of her mouth tonelessly, and the woman frowned. "You and your friends got all my brothers killed." To this, she blinked with wide eyes.

"I knew it. You're an Arrancar." Orihime sighed, crouching down next to her. "Shuno? Ayame? Would you mind?" She asked softly, two lights pulled themselves from the clips in her hair and covered the girl in a soft orange shield and the rest of her wounds began healing. "I didn't want them to. Please believe me, I didn't. If there could just be an end to the fighting, I'd be happy, if at any time a peace pact could have been made and we returned to normal life, I would have loved it--but no one wanted to give up." They both looked up as there was a huge clash of energy, Orihime frowned. "We'd best stay out of it." She muttered, Blackmoon stared at her.

"Hmph, you're crazy to wish peace for everyone." She replied, Orihime turned back to her.

"I get called crazy all the time. I forgot to put on shoes in my rush to get to you, i forget to lock my door sometimes, I eat things others deem strange... Maybe everyone else is crazy and I'm the only sane one. And you know my name, but what are you called?" She asked, Blackmon bit her lip. As much as she hated Kurosaki and his friends, she liked the Inoue girl better than the vampire, and she seemed regretful of what had happened to her siblings.

"Blackmoon. Blackmoon Ravenwing." She replied softly, watching as her uniform pulled itself back together over the puckered line in place of the gash.

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