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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Thank you! :D Haha, yeah, so you should be. xD Mm, she has. Dx Hehehe, we'll see!

Dusty: You know, Xanthe... IT'D BE NICE TO KNOW.

xDD Sorry, Dust. ^^;

Haha, thanks. Yeah, I wasn't sure how to do it at first, and some won't be returning for a while, and some won't be returning...period, but I tried. xD Hahaha, I wonder too!

Haha, you'd be a real help in this situation, Aggranium. xD

Well, no. If you remember, Dusty's used at least eight moves through the story so far: bite, flamethrower, quick attack, magma chant (made up move), molten flow (made up move also), shadow ball, toxic and skull bash. I limit the attacks to around eight since I figured having more would make pokemon too powerful. xD But four attacks is just limiting and stupid, in my opinion. xD

Thank you so much for reading! :D It means a lot to me. ^^
Yep. She should get advice from Skye - he's had close betrayals too ^^'

Ha ha, Aggranium can be a real fighter even against Fire types. Activate his ability...And he becomes the ultimate weapon. For a limited time.

Being the ultimate weapon is draining, you know XP

Oooh, made up moves! I love those! I have some if you need help with them ^^ You have a list, right?

And no problem ^^

Magical Leaf is a fun move that would be great against those Sandslash. Effective and stylish

Skye: Be careful Aggranium; nothing good comes from being vain.