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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Septem & Quinque - Rautaikakami
World of Living - Karakura Town

It was quick. It was violent. It cause Quinque to drop every single thing he was carrying as the pressure slammed on him like someone wielding a two-by-four. He didn't care as his supplies bounced on the sidewalk, with people shouting at him indignantly. He stood stock still for a moment, staring off into space. slowly, his eyes darkened, fiurther and further until they were black. A Vasto Lorde was in town, he could sense it. He could also sense his fellow Routaikakamigami drawn to it, already two were there. After a moment of deliberation, he decided he should go as well, some judgements might need to be passed.

He slipped into the crowd, completely forgetting about his dropped load. He searched, frantically looking for a private place. In fact, he was searching so hard that he wasn't looking where he was going and as a result ran right into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry," he mumbled, not really meaning. "I'm sorry and really busy but --" He paused, realizing who it was he just ran into. "Septem!"

"Quinque?" The long-haired man asked, looking as surprised as Quinque felt. "Well this is convenient. Did you feel that energy spike?"

"Yes," Quinque nodded, "I was just looking for a place to morph."

"That makes two of us then. Here," he grabbed Quinque by the elbow and drug him into a nearby alley. Quinque smiled, it always felt good to be working with his brother, just like the old days. When they were deep enough in, Septem released him and closed his eyes, getting right to work. That was Septem, he supposed.

Quinque concentrated as well, focusing on his Spirit Fire. In his human form it was tightly condensed, so tightly wound around his smaller form that he literally felt like a sun about to explode, and that's actually hat he let happened. Realeasing his hold on his energy, it blasted out with such force that the brick walls around him started to crack. If anyone would have been watching, they would have said that the men's sin just strated ripping away, revealing golden flames underneath. In a flash of power their bodies were insantly destroyed, replaced with their true forms.

Two flashes of light rose into the sky, two nearly identical armored beings. Their armor was a bright, shiny red, with gold outlinings and designs covering them. On their chests were black symbols, a V and VII respectively, outlined in more gold. Six wings extended from their back, made of nothing but bright flames and black and gold lines. Quinque contentrated and a mallet appeared in his hand, looking like it was made from gold. A long gold lance appeared in one of Septem's hands. "Come on," the Prevailer of Retribution said in a voice that sounded like fire and lighting. "Let's pay a visit." Like that he flew, leaving a streak of fire behind him.

Quinque sighed at Septem's impatience and followed him. Due to their wings, Quinque and his siblings were some of the fastest fliers among the Routaikakamigami, and they honed in on the place like two well-shot arrows. Septem skidded to a stop beside Ronoh, with Quinque coming up beside him an eyeblink later. "What's going on here?" He demanded.

((Dang, stirring up all kinds of trouble here and we're barely into the second page :P ))
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