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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Uryu Ishida =Quincy=
World of the Living, Karakura town

"That again," Uryu mused. So she was one of those -special- newcomers to town. Seeker or Holder was not first on his mind; the Hollows they were attracting were what concerned him. "I don't wish to seem contrary, but the Fell Stones are second priority to the Hollows being attracted to Karakura town where I am concerned," He stated plainly. Defending the people of Karakura town was what he had come to doing in tandem with his other job. He found the experience more rewarding than simply searching for rocks that they may never find. About as soon as he finished his sentence, he felt the same spike of spiritual pressure Hise did. A Vasto Lorde, and the faint feel of a Human. In the vicinity, he also detected another of Hise's kind, almost drowning out the other two spikes in spirit energy.

"If another of your kind is there, I don't think there's anything I could do to provide assistance," Uryu stated calmly, putting an arm in front of his eyes as Hise transformed into some being he couldn't see. Her increase in spiritual pressure was simply amazing; he'd felt it bottled up, but released it was close to drowning out his ability to sense other creatures, though not quite. Amazing though it was, he was not really affected; a bit of added resilience from the supercharged Hollows that had been appearing recently. He certainly doubted two Routaikakami would require his assistance. One could never know what the enemy had up their sleeves and, be it an honest attack on a Hollow or a trap set by compatriots, he did not need to tag along and end up killed. He could hardly protect the people of this town dead. "I'll wait for your return."

By the time he finished speaking, however, Hise was long gone. He had to admit the surges in spiritual pressure were starting to get annoying; so many powerful beings in one area was like prime Hollow bait combined with a signal jammer; it attracted double the hollows, and made detecting them more difficult than it should be. He had to focus almost all of his concentration into picking up the pests-- Only the Soul Reaper captains that had shown up in Karakura were easy to sense. Like trying to find rain drops against an ocean for just about everything else. Damn it... This won't do. Even with improved abilities, I'm barely able to sense anything. That something could be so powerful idly... Uryu thought, tilting his head down a bit in thought in such a way that his glasses reflected the sunlight and obscured his eyes. Something was amiss. He could not discern exactly what it was, but something terrible was on the horizon, and he predicted it was coming very quickly. One thing he did know for sure; The Soul Reaper captain, Mayuri, was here. Whatever his presence signifies, nothing good will come of it. You've made a mistake coming here, Soul Reaper... Uryu's fist tightened, and his expression darkened.

He had little time to bring up memories of his promise to avenge the Quincy that wicked Soul Reaper had experimented on and murdered; his improved abilities in sensing the spirit energy of Hollows gave him a startling revelation. One, two, three of them, in the vicinity of Karakura's High school. Uryu would have given an exclamation of shock, but there wasn't much time for that; with most of the beings he could sense being on the other side of town, where the Hise girl had gone, that meant the teens and preteens of the school were effectively unprotected. No... I've let myself become distracted; I have to focus! He berated himself, taking off into a run, utilizing Hirenkyaku to speed himself up, but it still took him almost two minutes to get across town. Too long; if the people hadn't been scattering already, the Hollows had already mutated into more monstrous abominations than usual. An arch of brilliant blue materialized as he took stance, a thin line lacing between the top and bottom of the arch shortly before the last of the Quincy's left hand summoned an arrow of the same shade to the string, launching it at the largest monster and hitting it square in the back.

All three monsters turned their attention to the much-better-smelling soul of the Quincy archer, forgoing the Humans in favor of something much tastier. "If you are searching for something better than the table treats there, come, take mine!" Uryu stated, earning a round of laughs and drawing the Hollows to charge at him. The archer knocked three shining blue arrows and fired them with pinpoint accuracy, blasting all three onto their backs, but not seeming to do much more damage than the first strike. That got their attention; now if I can only hold it until everyone gets away... He thought, mentally running over the situation in his head. This was not a favorable battle for him; it was very likely he would be forced to defend himself with a Seele Schneider clipped to his belt, pushed into close-range combat by advancing enemies. No, he was certainly not in a favorable position at all.
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