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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: I’m gonna say that building you’re at it close to where me and metal are, DG. Yay for more character interaction! Also Kaioo, I don't think DG actually stated he'd started feeding on the woman yet, just that he knocked her out.


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World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

As I waited for the Quincy to reply, I suddenly sensed a brief but intense blast of spiritual pressure. I blinked in surprise, recognizing it but completely taken aback; a Vasto Lorde! The spike of energy relented after a second, and I decided it was the result of a Garganta being opened to the World of the Living. The pressure spiked again before leveling out and remaining steady; the Vasto Lorde must have arrived and their Garganta allowed to close.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for anxiety to start gnawing at me. The Vasto Lorde’s spiritual pressure wasn’t moving or exerting unnecessary force, but that only made me even more nervous. What could they be doing, sitting in one spot like that? A scout, perhaps, sent to survey the area? A spy? An assassin? There were too many possibilities, and most of them were unappealing ones.

“I’m sure you sense that as well,” I told the Quincy, looking back at him with a serious expression. “Something’s not right here. I normally wouldn’t do something so rash, but it seems I don’t have a choice…” I then drew on the limited powers I had in this restricted human form, engulfing myself in a special shield that bent light waves, projecting what was behind me to the front and what was in front of me to the rear. In fact, every bit of the shield was designed to reflect what was behind it to the opposite side. This gave the illusion that I had become invisible.

Thus cloaked, I allowed myself to revert to my true form. My human body seemed to crack, allowing intense golden light to spill from the fissures. Then, without a sound, my disguise shattered and dissolved into Light I absorbed this into my body as I assumed my natural shape. Stretching my long, sinuous body, I peered down at the Quincy from a height of nearly twenty feet, hovering above him as I shook off the last bits of my disguise that were clinging stubbornly to my tail and arms.

“Something is happening and I must see what it is,” I said for the young man’s sake. He couldn’t see me, but my Spirit Fire, no longer dampened by my guise, was probably a nasty shock for him. Even though I wasn’t focusing on it or in any particular mood, the normal level of my Spirit Fire was enough to floor moderate-strength Hollows. “The risk that this is some sort of strike against the Holders or someone on the trail of a Stone is too great to ignore. I’m sorry that our talk is being so rudely interrupted, but if you have the inclination you can stay here and I’ll return when I have finished checking the situation.”

With that, I turned from the Quincy and flexed my body, then started to fly towards where I’d felt the Vasto Lorde enter the World of the Living. I kept my shield in place as I flew to prevent anyone from spotting me should they look up, and within moments I reached a towering skyscraper. The monument of human ingenuity rose several dozen stories into the air; I’d heard rumors that it was a popular place for those looking to commit suicide. I felt a trickle of trepidation flow down my spine at the memory and prayed it wasn’t some sort of premonition.

When I arrived I saw the Vasto Lorde standing across from a woman who had slumped to the roof, obviously unconscious. There was someone else, though, and for a moment I paused, surprised. Then I remembered that Kikiaru, the Prevailer of Fury, owned this particular company. At the moment he was in his humanoid true form and glaring at the short Vasto Lorde, a look of strained impatience on his face.

I dropped my shield, protected from sight by those below me because of the shee size of the building. I settled on the roof and curled my body, appearing to look at ease despite my Spirit Fire increasing in force, just a bit. It was a warning for the being to stop what he was doing and acknowledge Kikiaru and me.

“You’d do well to leave that woman alone,” I said in a commanding but non-threatening tone. I didn’t know what this being was capable of or why it was here, and I didn’t want to spark any unnecessary strife.
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