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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Kikiraru Dashinara- Routaikakami, Prevailar of Fury
World of the Living, Karakura Town, Tatayi Corp(secret place underneath the building)
Humanoid True Form

Kikiraru stared intently at the rapid workings of the supercomputer, frowning as his eyes darted across the massive screen, surveying the many different programs running simultaneously, his head turning to glance at the rest of the room, before his attention returned to the supercomputer.

"Master Dashinara, I have detected a spike in energy within the area." the electronic voice spoke up, and Kikiraru continued looking at the supercomputer.

"It's probably not that important, somebody else can handle it, DX-987." Kikiraru sighed.

"Master, it's very close." DX-987 buzzed. "On this very building in fact."

Kikiraru's eyes widened, now paying full attention to the origin of the voice, his head not moving as he remained staring at the supercomputer, a sigh escaping Kikiraru.

"Don't you mean in the building?" Kikiraru asked.

"No. I mean on." DX-987, or the supercomputer, replied.

Kikiraru was up instantly, moving quickly back towards the elevator room, and stepped inside it, looking back at the supercomputer for a moment, before the doors closed, and the room shuddered upwards, heading to the roof of the building. The room came to a halt, and Kikiraru heard the whirring of the roof mechanisms opening, to allow the room to rise fully to the roof, and then the room was moving again, moments later coming to a complete halt, and the door to the room opened, allowing Kikiraru to step out, and look around.

Kikiraru spotted the cause of the power detection, but he couldn't quite figure out what it was. It was short, and was feasting on something. Kikiraru's eyes widened when he realised what was being feasted on, his features grimacing for a split second before he took a step forward.

"What exactly are you doing, creature?" Kikiraru demanded, standing to his full height. "And why are you feasting on my secretary? Even if she was annoying, she was useful to me."

Kikiraru flexed his hands, waiting for the creature to answer him. Patience was sadly something that Kikiraru did not have, and he wouldn't give the creature much longer before he would take action, though he did have to thank the creature for ridding him of an annoyance, yet that annoyance had been in a way important to the company. Kikiraru mentally objected to that thought. No. He could find someone to replace the woman.
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