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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Cuora Pani, Vasto Lorde
World of the Living; Karakura Town
Noone really

Kill them! Do it!
They're weak

I opened my eyes, wondering exactly where I was. Using a Garganta had never been an experience I enjoyed nor looked forward to, but staying in Hueco Mundo had always been a daring way of living, and that held even less appeal to me. I didn't care- never cared- about what happened during that silly, stupid war. Aizen, Arrancars, Shinigami... it was all meaningless and futile.
Silly things that needed to be destroyed
I made an unconscious effort to never get involved in all that, I had enough on my hands with all these struggles of mine: being powerful once held interest in me, but now...
Fill the void.
We need it.

I sighed. Now I just wanted it all to stop. Kill!
Feed us!

I took in my surroundings, and couldn't definitely place where exactly I was. The sun was shining on me- not something I'd get accustomed anytime soon, apparently, but it didn't feel any bad, after all- and there was wind blowing all around me.

Muffled noise rose from beneath me, seeming rather faraway. I looked down and noticed the concrete pavement. "Makes sense," I muttered. I somehow managed to land on top of a building- a pretty tall one, apparently, since I had no obstacles clouding my sight right now.

A doorway led to some kind of staircase, I guessed, but I had no interest in exploring that cramped place. Closed buildings were always my bane, and I never could understand why. Cramped hallways and stupid corridors, that's why! I turned around and used my Pesquìsa to check if any strong spiritual pressure was nearby, hoping there wasn't as I wanted to get away fast and without being noticed.

Turns out there were, and I groaned thinking of the trouble it'd bring me. Only, much to my surprise, there were a large number of pressures I could sense, even if just slightly- one just too close for it to be any comfortable. I debated if opening a Garganta right here and now would raise any suspicion to this strange being... it probably would, but if my luck held I'd be gone before it could do anything.

A confused mumble drew my attention- a young woman, slightly taller than me, had entered from the doorway, possibly seeking some solace on the scarce benchs on the rooftop: she looked visibly surprised as she took my strange features in- I was nobody she recognised as far as I could tell, and I didn't really care. I'd get ready and vanish right under her nose in any situation, but something stopped me from doing it. I'm hungry.
Me too!
Dinner time?
Oh no you don't! If she could see me, she probably had some kind of ability, even a very low one. And well, it had been a while since I had anything.... substantial.

"Who are you?" she asked in what I figured was a professional tone, even if a somewhat shaky one.

"No one of consequence," I replied before letting my pressure spike a little, leaving the woman inhaling deeply as she felt her consciosness slip away. "Just someone who's gotten a little hungry..."

She fell down. Snacktime, boys!
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