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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

The young Quincy followed me to the park, and once we reached the relative solitude of the place he turned to question me before I’d even come to a stop.

"Before we discuss anything, I have two questions for you. Your spirit energy does not match with anything I know of; what are you, and why are you in Karakura town?"

I pondered how to best answer the questions. I made it a habit to disguise who and what I really was from everyone until I knew them, and that habit was a hard one to break. The fact that he had never come into contact with another Routaikakami was a surprising one, considering there were several of us in the Holders alone searching this area for the Fell Stones as well as prospective people to join us. It also made explaining things a bit more difficult; if he had met a Routaikakami before he would recognize me as one.

“My name is Hime,” I said after a second. I sighed and stared into the distance, trying to decide how I wanted to word what I wanted to say. “I’m sure you’ve heard of the Fell Stones? I am a member of the Holders, a group that seeks to find and forever seal away the Stones so those who seek them for dark purposes will not find them. Our number is not a large one, though, and our main opponents, the Seekers of Fell, have more allies than we currently do.

“It has been my task to not only help search for the Stones, but to locate potential beings who can join the Holders and help us stand against the Seekers, as well as those with no alliance but to themselves. We have a small headquarters located on the southern outskirts of the town, which we set up about two weeks ago. It’s only temporary; we never stay in one place for too long. But there are many with high spiritual pressures here, and our leader seems to think there are at least one or two Stones here, so when we move we won’t be leaving Karakura.”

I paused, deciding not to mention what I was. Hopefully the Quincy would either work it out on his own or not even realize I hadn’t answered his first question. I didn’t know him at all and was too cautious to go telling everything to him. For all I know he could already be part of the Seekers, or someone out to collect the Stones for his own gain. If that was the case then the things I’d told him would be of no use to him; the only thing that might give him away was the fact that I’d mentioned Fell Stones may be here. If he was one after them for with cruel intentions, I would see it in the way he reacted to that bit of information. What happened next was entirely up to the young man.


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

The first thing the odd girl did when she came to was mumble, "Too bright." After a moment she added, "I want to go home, Niccholi should burn." She sat up after that, looking up at Zohara with an expression that told him instantly she didn’t trust him. He didn’t allow himself to smile at the girl’s tension, though the temptation was there.

‘Perceptive little bird,’ he thought, smiling only when the girl asked, "Who are you? And why did you heal me?" the second question was more forceful, almost as if she were angry with Zohara for saving her. Even though he was amused by her reaction, the Vampire knew he had to play the part. He allowed the friendly smile to drop from his lips, adopting a hurt expression at the girl’s tone.

“I sensed someone was in trouble,” he started, only to be cut off when he caught the scent of another. He turned and saw a young human girl approaching them. Instantly Zohara imprinted her scent, not at all betraying the thrill of elation he felt.

‘Such appetizing meal choices,’ he thought, casting a glance back at the girl still sitting on the ground. ‘I almost hope neither of them are useful.’

"I'm sorry, I thought I felt someone here was hurt... What's going on?" the newcomer asked, and the girl Zohara had healed turned to face her for a moment. She didn’t speak until she faced Zohara again, distrust clear in her features.

"Not sure myself. Other than I was dying a few seconds ago,” she answered, and it was obvious she was waiting for Zohara to explain himself. Adopting the air of discomfort and uncertainty, the Vampire squatted down and offered a one-shoulder shrug.

“I sensed spiritual pressure that started to fade,” he started. “When I got here I found you. You were hurt badly and there was no way I could get you to a hospital before you died of yours wounds. So I did the next best thing and sealed the worst of them myself. You might feel a little strange for a few hours; I’m a Vampire, and my particular energy might not mix well with yours. That’s why I didn’t heal the rest of your injuries.” Zohara paused here, staring hard at the ground as if embarrassed with his explanation. “I’m not sure what you are, after all. You feel like a Hollow but different, and I know certain Hollows react badly to my energy.”

Zohara stood suddenly, not looking at either of the young women with him. He absently folded his arms, and his façade of uncertainty was so sharp he almost tricked himself into believing it. Almost, but not quite. It never hurt to put himself out there when he was trying to manipulate others, but if he pushed things too far there was a chance the others might catch on.

“I…I can tell you’re not comfortable around me. I would have left earlier, but…” And now he launched a cover story, one he felt necessary because of the faint scent of Soul Reaper clinging to the orange-haired young woman. “I feel like maybe you can help me. Something happened to me…I was fighting a Hollow…I can’t remember how long ago…I can’t remember anything about myself, not after that fight. I don’t know what it did but I think the Hollow did something to my mind or maybe my memories. I only remember my name, what I am, and how to use a few of my powers. Everything else is a blank.”

Zohara offered a sad smile, still not looking up at the others. Instead he hesitantly began to walk away, arms still folded over his chest.

“I remember almost nothing about myself, but recently people have been acting odd around me. I suppose they always did. I make people uncomfortable, I guess. I can tell you don’t trust me, but it’ll all right. I’m used to it, honestly. I think I must have been alone for most of my life, however long its been, so it doesn’t bother me, not really. And…” Here Zohara stopped walking, glancing back at the others with a sorrowful expression. “I didn’t heal you because I thought you were useful to me, to help me get my memory back. I helped you because…I couldn’t just ignore someone in need. I’m not sure what kind of person I was, but I like to think it was a good one.”

Without another word Zohara turned from them and walked back towards Karakura, a tiny smile on his lips. The injured girl’s distrust might keep her from believing most or all of Zohara’s story, but he could sense the gentle personality of the other. She, at least, should be moved by his little plight and offer some assistance.
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