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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

xDD Yeah, true. Although, if you ended it at the right point then maybe it would work. Because since finding Articuno is the main focus, it would make sense if they didn't get up to that by the end of the first season. (Haha, funny how we're talking about something so random!) But yeah, the turning point thing is a good point (get it? xDD). Yay! And yes, I am. ^^ Awesome. :3 (Yeah... D: But talking about ChalkZone, I went to Snap 395's page on the Ning website, and I can see what episodes he/she uploaded. ^^ So I'm getting more. :3) Haha, yes, Weed. xDDD

xDD Me too! Yeah, haha, really? xDD Madame Gasket for a quilava? The poor quilava. xDD
Yeah, maybe. I guess it's not important since I don't really split things up that way. Yeah. XD (It is!) Haha, yes, turning point! xD (Awesome! I know he doesn't have all of them but he has a lot. I gotta send you the ones that messed up sometime. :D)

Well, I was naming all my cyndaquils after robots characters (there was a Ratchet too. xD) and I got a female with a naughty nature and "naughty" made me think "eeevvviiiiiillll!" for some reason so I evolved it into a quilava so it could have flames coming up out of its head, since it seemed more fitting. xD

Mm. Haha (YES, SENSE!!! That made me laugh), well it's a relief my story makes sense in that way. Yeah, well I figure that's how it would be. xDD Yes, haha, nice interpretation of a villainbot there. xD (YES, VILLAINBOT SONG!) xDD I'm glad. ^^ Oh, well that'd annoy the crap outta me too!

Yay! Yeah, that's exactly how I see it. Every pokemon in the colony has their own role. Most of them hunt, since there's not much else to do, but others, like Aemara and Wynore, have other jobs. :3
(XD I'm glad it did!) Well of course it does! You actually THINK about these things. xD Yes. XD I bet it would! WE STILL NEED TO HAVE OUR SCYTHER RANT!

Yeah, that's what I thought. Or gathering berries for the herbivores.

Yeah, haha, well it was only that one chapter of yours that seemed to have frequent typos. But that was also because you had things like the left over "Alakazam"s, which was left over from the whole not having a name for a character thing. xD Otherwise you're pretty clean though! :D

Yay! 8D Me too! I need to get a wriggle on though, because I'm only about half way through the chapter.

xD Hahaha, is that the only thing you wouldn't want to forget? xDDDD
Oh yeah, that. XD

We should do more writing together sometime! o:

NO, but it's the most important thing! Sort of... xD

Dusty: *pokes tongue out as well*

Zhol: ...I see.

Shard: Yes. When a scyther trains with all his might and using his speed to his advantage, he is unbeatable.

Dusty: What about a female scyther?? >.> *to Kinje* It's true! *to Alex* Well I wish that my tail would at least grow back as soon as it was cut!

Zhol: I would never forgive myself if such a fate would haunt any of the colony members.

Dusty: What, it's your duty to protect everyone? *to Spark* Hah. Dusty's humour strikes again!
Spark: *glares and sticks tongue out further*

Kinje: Yeah! And then they can stop all the bad guys with their awesome fighting moves. *flails around*

Blazefang: Watch the blades!

Kinje: *stops* *to Dusty* A female scyther? Like Thunder? Um...she's a good fighter, isn't she?

Alex: Is it ever gonna grow back? o.o

Kinje: But Dusty! Protecting is brave! Zhol wants to help!

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