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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes)
World of the Living: Karakura
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The end, however, didn't come. Still faintly aware of the shell of a thing she called her body enough to faintly hear garbled speaking before she felt a faint pressure on her back. It felt as though whoever it was was pressing there from under a ton of blankets, light, but got stronger and heavier as she became oddly more aware and the pain from her cuts, mainly the gash, seemed to fade away. What is this??? Her mind asked herself, she could find no explanation, that was, until she finally opened her eyes.

The sun got her again, and she promptly squeezed them shut. "Too bright." She grumbled before opening them again and letting them adjust. "I want to go home, Niccholi should burn." She hissed sharply before pushing herself up to face what had healed her, she feared it would be Niccholi wiating for a round two, but she found another instead. He may have healed her, but she was instantly wary of him, something about the man put her on edge. He wasn't Niccholi, but she felt he certainly couldn't be trusted.

"Who are you?" She asked him, blinking up and the figure, then another thought occurred to her. "And why did you heal me?" She questioned sharply, she didn't think anyone would do something like that without a reason, and with the way her life had played out, it was a natural assumption. Then another joined them.

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes) and Orihime Inoue
World of the Living: Karakura
Neutral, at the moment

Orihime reached the spiritual pressure source in time to feel it spike--someone else had healed whoever it was, but she was too close now not to go see. What she found was a curiousity, a young woman sat on the ground, looking up at a man that she didn't recognize. "I'm sorry, I thought I felt someone here was hurt... What's going on?" She asked them, the girl looked over at her. Orihime frowned, she had on a unifrom that reminded Orihime of the Espada, but she had no mask, nor did she speak, just looked back to the guy before her lips moved.

"Not sure myself. Other than I was dying a few seconds ago." She finally spoke, and Orihime looked to the man as well. apparently someone had healed her, him?

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