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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Diego Dakkan, Soul Reaper, Division 5 Lieutenant
World of the Living, Karakura Town

To me, Vincent seemed to lack confidence, among many other things. The stones were powerful alone, but they were still manageable in terms of defeating anyone who possessed them. Besides, I had confidence in Kasai Fenikkusu, who had taken me far and had taught me that confidence makes us understand that we are capable. Vincent, at the moment, still had the looks of a rookie. A part of him also seemed to be overwhelmed with the feeling that this was beyond anything the Soul Society has ever seen.

“What are you afraid of, Vincent?” I asked him, giving him a curious stare. “The stones being assembled? The Hollows fueled by Spirit Fire? Fear is the mind killer, I’ll have you know. And the body cannot survive without the mind.”

“You… you take me for a fool?” Vincent questioned me, suddenly growing anxious and tense. “Are you naïve or simply blindly optimistic!?”

I looked away, knowing most Soul Reaper Lieutenants would harshly punish their underlings for comments like that. I wasn’t like them, however. There was potential in Vincent, but it was the kind of energy that would only allow him to learn when he’s seen and experienced it for himself. Besides, he was nervous and anxious, naturally tentative in the face of certain new and unknown dangers. Around him, I could sense his emotions were racing, not sure if he was ready to stand up to handling the Routaikakamigami or if what he was doing was suicide.

“You… the way you’re looking at me…!” Vincent exclaimed, looking tense. “Why did you bring me along anyway!?”

“So you could watch and learn,” I told him, knowing I didn’t expect for him to fight anyway. “It’s your choice, Vincent. If you’d rather return to the Soul Society, that can be arranged, but you’re not going to get much out of it.”

“I’d rather consult with Captain Hinamori first,” Vincent told me, not realizing she’d probably give him exactly the same response. “I still think this is far out of even your league!”

I had to roll my eyes at his statements. There was more to battles besides winning and losing. Even if it was too out of my league, there was still a lot to be gained from gauging the strength of my enemies and all those that sought to assemble the Fell Bracelet for whatever purpose they had intended. Regardless, it was still a mission objective, and backing off from it out of fear and cowardice was definitely not my style, nor was it the method of the 13 Court Guard Squads.

And then again, there was the fact that Vincent barely passed the entrance exam and barely passed the training. In truth, I figured he had been assigned to this mission to learn from me and gain something from my example, but unfortunately for him, I honestly didn’t believe he was ready for even that. I could see him sweating right there, and his anxiety was ready to drive him up a wall.

“Maybe it is better if you sit this one out,” I told him, avoiding eye contact.

“Yeah, and you would do well to sit out yourself,” Vincent told me, feeling obviously quite spunky today. “You may be a Lieutenant, but even you know there’s a limit to your own power.”

He turned and walked away, obviously leaving me along to seek out my own objectives. In truth, if I was Captain Hinamori, I would have sent our dear friend Vincent back for more training, as he still seemed to be inexperienced and frankly, an outcome score that was the equivalent of a D- left more to be desired. That, and I sensed a lack of spirit energy in him, probably one of the lowest I’ve ever seen in a Soul Reaper. In truth, if he didn’t feel he was ready, chances were extremely good that was true. And even if he said he was, I still wouldn’t have treated the situation any differently.

Getting back to my objectives, I knew the Fell Stones didn’t have any kind of spirit energy emanation coming from them. If they did, this would have been much easier. Reading up on the lore of these stones revealed they were no bigger than a marble, and there were many that would wonder how something so small could create so much anxiety and be capable of so much power.

For the moment, I decided the hour was late, and I probably wasn’t going to make much more headway without rest. At the moment, the Soul Society didn’t have any leads to follow on the location of the stones, and in truth, I was deployed more for the reason of monitoring the activities of the Hollows. For the moment, it was calm, but we had to be ready for anything.

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