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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Soul Society, 12th DIvision Experimentation lab
When has he ever been on anybodies side?

"NEMU!" The roar resounded through the lab, bottles rolling off sides and smashing, the contents inside spilling everywhere; just one big gooey mess. "NEMU WHERE ARE YOU?!" The voice roared again. Being a science lab, and that distinctive voice it could only be one person - 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. With a face like a slapped arse he scowled heavily as his lieutenant rushed towards him to answer his call.

"Yes Mayuri-sama, sorry for taking so long." She spluttered, bowing low.

Mayuri however, was not interested in her apologies he reached out fast with one hand and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing hard so she choked "NEMU! DONT YOU EVER TAKE SO LONG AGAIN! OTHERWISE I SHALL MAKE YOU MY NEXT TEST EXPERIMENT!" He screeched in her face, throwing her to the floor in disgust.

"S-Sorry ... Mayuri-s-sama ... My s-sincerest a-apologies." She said, gasping for air.

Grunting in what was obvious annoyance Mayuri turned back to the computer he was working on "Now come over here and look at the reason I called you in the first place." Mayuri said, pointing to a chart on the screen that showed some sort of graph. Nemu clambered to his side and her eyes widened in shock

"Yes Nemu, you understand don't you? The Hollows out there are getting frighteningly strong! I MUST CAPTURE ONE TO ANALYSE. NEMU PREPARE THE SOUL GATE. WERE GOING TO THE WORLD OF THE LIVING!" He roared, cackling loudly as he said it.

Within minutes Nemu had the gate open and shining bright, the pure brilliant white it always was. "Nemu! Stay this side and be ready for my return. I will want to get to work straight away when I bring this Hollow back in!" He said, cackling loudly as he stepped through the gate, which promptly closed shut behind him.

As he appeared through on the other side, he laughed loudly to himself, the laughter echoing throughout the town.

Shunsui Kyoraku
World of the Living; Karukara Town

Shunsui had been following the hollow for some time now, watching it as it moved slowly through the town. He dared not attack it, for the spiritual energy that was radiating off this thing was incredible. So much so that it made even the captain hesitate, albeit one of the most experienced captains of the 13 divisions. So instead of engaging it he followed and observed, keeping a good distance back and shielding his reiatsu himself so he wouldn't be noticed.

It was when the beast was sitting down resting that he noticed a burst of reiatsu fill the town, followed by a manic laugh. There was only one person who laughed like that - Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the 12th division captain.

Sighing to himself, Shunsui made himself comfortable, but ready. "Na-daio, I guess hes here after all. Well, better wait for the sparks to fly now." He muttered to himself, touching the edge of his hat lightly.
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