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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by dimondgirlofthefuture View Post
>.<' <Dur!) haha, but seriously yeah most likely, if it is working then most likely then the dream world works... hopefully for good!!!!
Agreed its working.
Upon putting your Mon to sleep in your cart I went to the site where I was now able to navigate into the dream world with the assistance of Araragi's coleague- Prof. Oren Ishii.
She goes on with her tutorail begining with the House you get while in the dream world. followed by all the stuff you can do in the interior part of the home.
she has several tidbits being the 1st time here and she goes on to talk about growing berries and possibly meeting pokemon here..
as you scroll threw your home & its perimeters you see a rainbow road leading away from your home with a large (Mana) tree 2 the very end of the road, This being where you will encounter pokemon not found in the Isshu region. As you begin your quest on the rainbow road You are told about the mini games you may encouter and about the Bushes or trees which hold berries for you to take home. As you navigate using the arrows provided you will notice a tree or bush shaking (click it to make it pop out). upon clicking the Mon there is a small window that appears I think it asks if you want to play this mons mini game..
If you so choose to play you begin to play the game where you are a Airborn Pelipper moving about the clouds in hopes to collect as many water droplets with out touching the circle ligthing bolts( if you touch one you get electricuted and are unable to momentarily get more water drops until this passes) at the end of the mini game you are given a score and I suppose the pokemon chooses to go with you or not..(the 3 pokemon I bumpt into all had a small heart after my mini games {I suppose I got a good enough score for them to join}).
*I forgot to mention as you begin your trip down (orUp) rainbow road you are told about a pyramid that appear on the top left corner of the screen*
as you travel the road your pyramid starts to count Up or Down I forget from 10-1 and once you get the full count you end up @ the large tree...
So whats at the Tree..?.?
for the most part there is a hole in the tree that you can click and here you will find the goods and Mons you just obtained.
*(IMO) You will also find Online people who have made it to the tree in their respective Dream World.. actually what you see are floating Pokemon from various generations and different Levels. and I think its here where you meet aquaintances for your games.. at this point I am unsure as how to make friends on here as I guess my Hour was up and I was foreced out of the Dream World Part of the Site...

PS: along your travels you may bump into a farfetched..( i dont think it joins your party) this is the only pokemon I bumpt into with a different mini game & I was unsure how to play it as I coulnt read the instructions.. there is a bowl in the middlewith 3 different Ill call them ice scream. as you click one of the patterns it turns into a scoop like bal and you place it in the bowl. Im guessing that you have to match the scoops with the as yet unknown pattern so its more or less a guessing game. The scoops pile up I forget it Your being timed or if you fail my putting the incorrect pattern of your own.

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