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Default Awesome In-game Mew glitch for RBY!!!

ok everyone. this glitch will let you obtain Mew alot easier, AND IT DOSENT MESS UP YOUR GAME! heres the steps.

1. when you go to cerulean city, beat everyone on the nugget bridge. and the first 2 trainers going to bills house NOT THE TRAINER THAT IS FACING NORTH!!!!!

2. Next, buy a crap load of pokeballs.

3. Ok. Go past nugget bridge and head towards the left. Dont go past the corner!!!!!!!!!! save at the corner. then after that go catch a abra......

4. after you catch an abra go back to the corner and save again.

[You can do these 4 steps in any order]

5. Now listen very carefuly. well.... read.... but anyways.... take 1!!!!!! step off the corner and at the same time push start. Use abra to teleport back to cerulean city.

6. Now you wont be able to use start. but go to where the the trainer is facing north. battle him. then teleport back to cerulean.

7. You can push start now. Just walk up to nugget bridge and the start menu will randomly apear. just click B or exit and a wild pokemon will appear. Bam. thats mew.

If you have any questions please ask them here.