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Default The Bloody Truth


A long time ago, I had this idea of making a story/manga that dates back in time, in the pokémon world, when pokémon lived independently. Humans had not yet existed, and pokémon could talk, live a civilized life. Although they were a peaceful race, corruption in governments was developing, and the race split up, into two parts. Although this might sound unoriginal, the parts were; The Reptiles and amphibians, and the Mammals. Both were pokémon, but had immense differences, reptiles and amphibians needed certain resources, and mammals occupied much space. While the mammals had a ¨democratic¨ government, ruled by the shy and easily controled wigglytuff president, Grander, that remained peaceful, reptiles and amphibians had an absolute monarchy, controled by the mayor priest, a pouty swallot named Clarfica. They were mostly in rows and shouting blames at each other for accidents and terrorist attempts.

Our story takes place in the mammal city, Deformy, where all inhabitants are close and friendly. The protagonist is a young Zangoose, Hailheg. He sees himself in a tight situation with a seviper, and kills him. Now saught by both governments, Hailheg will arouse conflicts between governments and will start a war, in which he will personally try to stop it, but to do that, first he will need to befriend a strong pokémon from each type, to control the situation.

I'm sure some of you people out there will like the story, and I also hope you ask for more after its done n_n.

Note: Part 1 is coming in the next week, this was only the introduction.

I'm also sure that you'll be surprised with the ending...n_n
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