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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: Enjoy =3 Oh, and my name hasn't been put on the Accepted list in the first post in here yet...

Kikiraru Dashinara- Routaikakami, Prevailer of Fury
World of the Living, Karakura Town, Tatayi Corp.

Kikiraru let out a sigh as he gazed out of the large window that made up the wall behind his desk. Kikiraru's eyes darted across the movement below, deep in thought. He was startled when a knock came at his door, and he turned around.

"Come in." Kikiraru called, and the door opened silently.

A woman around the age of twenty-eight stepped into the room, her spectacles hanging on the rim of her nose. She was wearing the usual crimson dress he had seen her wear several times already.

"Mr Tatayi." the woman spoke, and Kikiraru mentally rolled his eyes.

There was no-one else in the room besides the two of them, which made Kikiraru annoyed that she always had to say 'Mr Tatayi' whenever she talked to him. It was obvious that she was going to talk to him when they were the only two in the room, so why call his name. Kikiraru never understood these humans.

"The paperwork over the Dodeca Crystal Crisis needs to be done by tomorrow." the woman continued, and Kikiraru mentally cursed.

He had totally forgotten about that, even if it wasn't important to him, these humans got so worked up over the tiniest of things. Sometimes, Kikiraru just wished that humans had never existed, and that an intelligient race of respectable creatures lived instead. Maybe even emotionless ones. Kikiraru didn't care. Humans were quite honestly so emotional, getting sad or angry or happy over really pathetic things. Kikiraru remembered one of his workers, who had come complaining to him about a colleague not replying to an email of his. Looking back on it, Kikiraru understood why the other worker hadn't replied. The worker hadn't liked the man, and so felt no need to reply. Kikiraru sighed, wishing everything was so simple.

"Mr Tatayi." the woman spoke again. "Are you even listening to me, Mr Tatayi?"

"Yes" Kikiraru replied, keeping his tone of voice emotionless. "I'll get that done tonight Ishamo."

"Mr Tatayi." Ishamo called, Kikiraru cursing inside his head again. "Could I possibly have tomorrow off? My brother lives down in the Southern District, and there was a small riot there yesterday, and I'm worried about his safety."

Kikiraru was usually a harsh, emotionless boss, and would normally refuse any request along these lines, but quite frankly, he no longer cared.

"Sure, whatever." Kikiraru responded. "In fact, I think I'll give everybody time off, for several weeks."

"What?" Ishamo gasped. "Is the company closing down, Mr Tatayi?"

"No." Kikiraru replied. "Simply giving everybody an extended holiday. I have important business to attend to, and it might take a while to get sorted, so I don't want the company getting backlogged, so everybody will be able to relax until I finish. Oh, and don't worry, everyone will still be getting paid."

Ishamo nodded slowly, before turning to leave and exited the office, leaving Kikiraru in the office on his own, and he finally let out a sigh. Kikiraru would finally be able to get a few weeks away from this stupid company of his, and humans didn't question his motives if he mentioned money. In truth, Kikiraru didn't actually have anything that needed doing, he just wanted some peace. Kikiraru turned to the wall on his right flank and approached it, placing his palm on the wall. The wall slid open, and Kikiraru stepped inside the hidden area, the wall snapping shut behind him. The room shuddered as it began to move, heading down. As it moved, Kikiraru's body began to change, growing taller, his skin becoming scaly, like that of a dragon. His clothes vanished as his body finished morphing, and Kikiraru sighed, a small hiss escaping him.

His humanoid true form was mostly like his dragonic true form, and he didn't need to remove his clothes either, as they became in a sense, a part of him. His large body stood quite tall, yet it still didn't reach the ceiling of the room. Kikiraru flexed his hands, partially relieved to be out of the wretched human form. He hated it, but knew it was necessary if he wanted to remain unnoticed in the human world. The room came to a halt, and Kikiraru waited for the doors to open, and when they did he immediately stepped through them, entering a large pale white room, a massive thing humans called a computer attached to the wall on the far side. The computer took up the entire wall, and words fizzled over the large screen at an incredible pace as Kikiraru walked forwards.

"Welcome, Master Dashinara." an electronic voice echoed in the room. "I have some interesting news for you."

"Do you now? And what would this news be?" Kikiraru asked, a small sense of curiosity now inside him.

"It seems there is some recent activity with Soul Reapers in the area, and not only that, but I picked up some comm chatter about Fell Stones." the electronic voice replied.

Kikiraru's features instantly changed. Fell Stones. Kikiraru was now anxious and curious, mentally laughing. He was quite curious today. Kikiraru was quite interested in the news given to him, and a sigh rolled out of him.

"My day gets better and better." Kikiraru said, sarcastically.
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