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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

My Idiots
Island 3

"All right, then. Kirikizan, why don't you come on out?"

Aidan pulled out his poke ball and hoisted it into the air. There was a flash of bluish light, and out popped the Ninja-like Pokemon.

"Lyla, I'm not going to hold out on you. Even if you are my Brother's girl, I hope you know that. Now, Ladies first." He said, the perfect gentleman.

Niall caught Lyla's wink, "Oi, watch yourself bro, don't get too cocky. She can kick your butt." He brought out his Lucario, and they joined Aidan and Kirikizan on the opposite side of Lyla.

Aidan laughed, and quickly ruffled his brother's hair. Kirikizan chuckled, as he had seen it all before. Niall looked embarrassed. His brother was always doing things to make him look silly, and vise versa. It seemed like that had been turned up a notch, now that he'd met Lyla.

"Are you dunderheads ready to battle or do I have to slap you?" Jack inquired, his tone accusative.
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