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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Diego Dakkan, Soul Reaper, Division 5 Lieutenant
World of the Living, Karakura Town

For the moment, Karakura Town seemed to be at peace. I took in my surroundings, looking at the abandoned industrial lot that I had been using to gather information about the current situation. Even though there were very few that could actually see us, they were still out there, and I still wanted to keep the operation quiet and under control.

I hadn’t faced anything like this before. Spirit Fire… I knew it was doing something catastrophic to the Hollows, and because of that, more Soul Reapers were deployed just to keep the situation under control. For now, I couldn’t sense them, and the coast seemed to be clear. Regardless, we needed to be on standby in case something else had happened.

My list of priorities was already in pandemonium and it wasn’t getting any better by the minute. I had already been trying to coordinate with the other members of the 5th Squad, some of which were trying to keep things under control and others that were deployed in the world of the living with me, either trying to handle the situation with the Hollows…

…or by figuring out what was going on with these Fell Stones.

“They haven’t turned up anything, have they, Lieutenant Dakkan?” Vincent Duran, a fellow Division 5 Soul Reaper, had asked me. “There’s nothing normal about any of this.”

“It makes me wonder if the Spirit Fire and the Fell Stones are connected,” I replied to him. “As for the stones, there’s nothing… not yet.”

Unfortunately, legend described that the bracelet could not be destroyed. Ultimately, the Soul Society was still putting my idea of assembling the bracelet and only using it as a weapon of last resort under consideration. At the moment, there was at least one thing we could do even if that plan wasn’t agreed upon.

We could at least make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Duran was fidgety, and I knew this because he always tended to brush his long, black hair back with his hand as a sign of nervousness. That, and he tended to blink a lot as well. At the moment, he was leaning besides the tin wall of one of the warehouses with the look on his face that his mind was trying to organize too many things at once.

“Who else do we know is after it?” Vincent asked, looking like that was probably just one among thousands of questions he had floating around his head.

“Shintoko, among many others,” I told him, looking out into the distance at the bustling town in front of us. “There’s no real way of telling. And I’m sure if it was discovered that you had one of the stones, you’d find there were more after them than you originally thought there were.”

In truth, I didn’t know who else we were up against, but it was only a matter of time before we did. I did strongly caution Vincent and the others that the individual stones were very powerful, but they didn’t compare to when the entire necklace was fully assembled. That was the major criticism to my plan… keeping them together. There were plenty of other Soul Reapers that felt keeping them separated would be better and ensure more security when we finally had all the pieces in our hands. To an extent, I could agree with them, but we would be looking at and endless war if we couldn’t stop all those that opposed us and ensured they stood down. A fully completed Fell Bracelet was capable of doing that. Keeping them separated, there was nothing stopping someone from trying to steal that one piece which would result in the war firing up all over again.

However, I knew we could worry about that when the time came. It was going to be a long road before we came to that decision…

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