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Default Re: The Trio of a Deserted Playground

Chapter Five: A Supersonic Battle!

Turab and Pyros has set them selves and prepared to start training from hell. Turab has taken his shirt off, his shoes, socks and pants as well, staying only in his boxer shorts. He took out the rope from his backpack and tied few rocks to the rope in a smart way then put the rope around Growlithe as a vest, making it even more difficult for the puppy to move as they have added some weight to his body. He looked at his puppy and smiled, "are you ready Pyros?!" Turab asked gently, as Growlithe replied with a smile and a bark that echoed through the tunnels of the cavern.

"Do you see those boulders on the lake's surface? I want you to jump them all over, one by one as you will be commencing fire attacks at rocks I throw at you! I won't go easy on you, I will throw the rocks as strong as I can… now go!" Turab stated as he grabbed few rocks off the ground.

Growlithe ran as fast as he could, regardless of the rocks tied to his body. And started jumping on boulder at a time, and each time he was in midair Turab threw a rock at him at high velocity. Pyros managed to dodge some, and managed to turn some into dust with his Flamethrower and even Ember attack at sometimes. But due to the weight he was carrying around with him, Pyros' stamina started to go lower until he finally got hit by one of the rocks and fell into water. That's when Turab jumped in without hesitation to pull Growlithe out of the lake.

"I guess you can rest now!" Turab said as he put a towel around Growlithe to dry him out. "You are doing great boy, at this pace we'll get stronger in no time at all!" The young men continued with a huge smile on his face, making Pyros happy, wigging his tail joyfully.

And few hours later after several types of training methods performed. Both Turab and Pyros are in no state of staying up anymore. Their stamina has reduced greatly and they can no longer continue. But still, they both took some energy pills in order to proceed with trainings. "This will be our final section of today!" Turab said. "You must increase your fire strength. I want you to use your Flamethrower and I want you to aim it at that tunnel entrance over there, and I want your Flamethrower to be able to shut the entrance completely, not just partially… I want fully powered up attack Pyros!" Turab continued.

Pyros stood several feet away from the tunnel entrance, taking a very firm and powerful stance as he started gathering his inner fire power. His entire body started to steam up, as if he going into a self-combusting phase as the entire area started to heat up a little bit. Growlithe opened his mouth so wide and started to focus his fire energy into his mouth. Sparks of ember and flame started to show as he was charging up for a huge Flamethrower attack. And with a huge howl, the puppy sent out a magnificent, over-heated, beam of fire; it was a perfect Flamethrower, way more advanced than a Growlithe can actually do. The Flamethrower did indeed shut the tunnel entrance completely, and few seconds later Growlithe closed his mouth and ended his attack as flames, ember and smoke was apparent in the tunnel.

"Great job Pyros!" Turab said, with his eyes widely opened, and his jaws falling off. He never expected his dog to be able to perform and attack of such a caliber.

And suddenly, a screech came out of the tunnel, a very sharp voice that almost pierced both Turab and Growlithe's sense of hearing. And out of there came out a small, yet very agile bat. He was a little bit injured, but the way it seems, he is out to avenge his entire clan whom fainted from this attack. The Zubat flew as fast as he could towards Growlithe and hit him with his wings directly, knocking him out and pushing him few feet away.

But soon, Growlithe stood back on his feet and growled at the blind bat. "Growlithe tackle this Zubat down!" Turab said.

Growlithe ran towards Zubat and jumped, putting his shoulder as a cannon fodder, hitting Zubat and pushing him towards the wall making him fall to the ground. But it barely affected the angry bat, he got back into flying and started sending out waves, not visible and cannot be heard at all. They seemed like a Supersonic attack of some sort, because Growlithe has been acting strangely about it. The puppy started biting him self and running towards the wall and banging his head as hard as he could.

Zubat noticing the confused puppy Pokemon he got relieved and flew towards him trying to suck the life out of him through his fangs. "Pyros! Stop it now and focus!" Turab yelled as hard as he could.

Growlithe snapped out of it, but he was badly injured. He glared with such fearsome eyes at Zubat, and howled so loudly. Zubat realized that Growlithe has snapped out of his confused state and tried to fly away, but that is when Growlithe has already started to charge for another powerful Flamethrower attack to knock Zubat down. A beautiful fire beam approached Zubat quickly, lighting up the entire cave, knocking Zubat to the ground, with burnt wings and body, barely moving around.

Turab smiled and looked at Zubat. Growlithe looked at Zubat as well, but with a heavy breath, the puppy was also at the verge of life, he can barely stand up on his feet anymore, but he won't fall down until he's sure that Zubat is done for it. "This is it; I am going to capture this Zubat!" Turab cried as he took off a Pokeball out the belt of his pants that was on the floor and threw it at the fainted Zubat.

The Pokeball hit Zubat hard, and as it opened a red beam came out and absorbed the small bat Pokemon into the ball. It closed and fell off, hitting the ground. It started to wiggle, it seems that this Zubat is so stubborn in personality, and his characteristics are so amazing that he won't be captured easily, and the way he fought proven that perfectly.

Turab looked closely as the ball continued to wiggle, with the struggling Zubat inside. Growlithe look as well, hoping that this would be the end so he can fall down and rest.

to be continued...


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NOTE: An attempt to Capture Zubat, which is a side Capture, I am aiming for the Trio (Elekid, Magby and Smoochum) So don't use the entire Character Count just for a Zubat please and thank you.
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