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Default Re: The Trio of a Deserted Playground

Chapter Four: Defeat! Or a Way to Win?!

It was too dark, the sky was cloudy and neither the moon nor the stars were apparent. Somewhere outside of Winestrap Village, the young man, Turab, was sitting on the grass. He was looking at his shivering Growlithe. The pain looked unbearable, as the Pokemon moaned. Turab took a small blanket and covered Pyros with it as he looked so sad, and depressed. He never would have thought that he would be defeated, or that his puppy would end up in such a very terrible shape. Turab stood up and walked around, picking more twigs for the small camp-fire, in order to keep Growlithe warm and safe, since it seems to be getting a little bit cold around here.

"So, you ended up defeated!?" A familiar old voice came out from the shadows in between the trees of the woods. That direction is the direction of Velvet Village. An old man, with white hair, wrinkly face and skin, came walking out of the woods on his cane.

"Mr. Heckles!?" Turab cried, wondering what this old man would do in such a place, at this hour.

"So you've got defeated! Let me guess, a Tri-elemental attack?!" Old man Heckles asked as he looked so sad towards the direction of his old deserted village, Winstrap.

"Yes… three.. Pok!" Turab replied but he got interfered by Mr. Heckles.

"Pokemon! Those are really wild Pokemon, a Magby, an Elekid and a Smoochum! Each on its own is a weak Pokemon. They are really cute, and not the fighting type to be more precise. But when the three of them are combined, they are unstoppable by at least the likes of you, and your little puppy!" Mr. Heckles replied as he was looking at Turab's shocked face. "How do I know all this you wonder!?" He continued. "I used to live in this village as a Pokemon Trainer, and I even had my own Gym, it was authenticated by Pokemon League Officials but not an Official Gym for the League. I had three Pokemon, and they were my very best friends, I lost them during the Hurricane… you do the math boy, I have to leave now, it will take me few hours on my bike to get back to Mrs. Heckles before she gets worried!" The old man continued as he waved goodbye to Turab and walked away to the woods again.

"BUT!" Turab cried out loud.

"How to defeat them?" The old man interfered. "Go train your Pokemon in the mountains, and perhaps you should capture another Pokemon as well, someone to assist your puppy in battle!" Mr. Heckles continued. "And take this!" He said as he threw a plastic bottle at Turab.

Turab managed to catch the bottle in mid-air before it falls on the ground. He looked at it and smiled, looking again at the direction of where Mr. Heckles shadow is starting to fade away. Turab look at Growlithe and walked slowly to him as he kneeled towards the puppy and started petting him. "This Potion will make you feel better my friend!" Turab said as he started spraying the potion all over the wounds on Pyros' body. "Today you rest; tomorrow… we find a new method to train, up in the mountains!" He continued as he sat down on the ground, looking after Growlithe all night.

-Next Day-

Turab was sleeping; he barely had any sleep at all during night time as he was watching over his only friend, and Pokemon, Pyros the Growlithe. But as he opened his eyes he saw his friend jumping all over and snatching Turab from his pants in order to wake up. And the moment Growlithe noticed that his trainer has opened his eyes, he jumped on his chest and started licking Turab's face. "You're fine!" Turab said as he was laughing, with joy tears in his eyes. "Hey, get off me, we have a long day now, we are going to the mountains to train boy! And when we get back, we'll show those three how wrong it was messing with us, right Pyros?!" Turab continued as the last barked.

Few hours later of walking in the woods, Turab and Growlithe finally managed to reach the bottom of the mountain. The surround was a huge grassy field with no trees, and there was a road, a passage that leads to the mountain top, that wasn't so hard to walk up to. But what triggered Turab's interest was the entrance of the mountain; it had this huge and dark cave, with a sign on the entrance saying that this is too dangerous and that they should use the passage to go to the other side of the mountain safely.

Turab looked down at Growlithe and smiled, knowing that even the puppy knows that taking the easy path won't make them any stronger, and most likely they won't even find worthy Pokemon to capture in order to assist Growlithe in his next encounter with the troublesome trio of Winstrap Village. "We'll go and train in the cave Pyros… we will train hard, we will burn rocks, we will run, we ill do pull-up and we are going to show them what it means to be a Pokemon trainer." Turab said with such an encouraged tone of voice, he was determined to change into a more powerful trainer, and take Growlithe with him to that next step.

Inside the mountain was so damp, a very bad environment for a fire Pokemon to train in, but if he managed to survive training in here, it was obvious that he will gain strength beyond any Growlithe's imagination. It was so dark, and damp, and so silent that Turab couldn't hear anything but his own footsteps and Growlithe's too. As he walked through the tunnels, one after another, he managed to find a perfect spot for them to train and camp. It was a chamber they found as they got lost in the natural maze of this cave. It's a huge cave inside the cave, with a small lake in the middle that has couple of boulders, a perfect place to camp and train.

"We better get this started Pyros!" Turab said as he took off his shirt and started doing stretches to warm up. The two of them have always trained together, Turab being Growlithe's training partner.

to be continued...


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