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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: >< I had a longer Rangiku reply, but the computer ate it. Sorry metal_sonic if it's crap. Also, recycling Retsu's old post.

Retsu Unohana - Shinigami/Soul Reaper
Captain of the Fourth Division
Mountains of Rukongai/Rukon District
Soul Society


If there was one thing Captain Unohana enjoyed, it was peace. She often seemed to be the very epitome of serenity itself, after all, even in her moments of battle, those times when she incited fear with a single look and a half-smile.

Perhaps it was wrong for a Captain of the Thirteen Divisions to be of such a peaceful constitution. No doubt someone like that Captain Zaraki would say so. Peace was for weaklings, serenity was for cowards.

And yet, nobody had the gall to call her on it, really. Perhaps because, despite her fondness for calm, Retsu was still not to be trifled with. Perhaps it was simply the reason she enjoyed serenity so wholly. Because she was so powerful, talented...enough so that she could appreciate the calmer aspects of life without the need to thrill one's self constantly. She was, in a nutshell, confident in herself, and it was that and her immense spiritual pressure that allowed her that complicity.

"Ah, here we go," Retsu murmured, that almost permanent half-smile brightening slightly as she knelt to gently cut the plant from it's bonds. Aloe Vera; it was an astonishingly simple plant, and not at all attractive. Yet it's needs were universal. T'was the fool indeed, the one who underestimated it's properties. It could heal sunburns, soothe grazes, assist in knitting together skin, cure skin conditions...

Truly t'is an example of the foolishness of underestimating one's appearance.

Retsu's chuckle rang soft and clear, surprisingly young for a soul so old and wise, throughout the small plateau. It was a small allowance she made away from her generally reserved demeanour in the presence of others, an allowance often elicited from being alone, and amongst the natural beauty of the mountains she had come to dearly love in her excursions for medicinal herbs.

The Aloe Vera secured and in her bag, Retsu straightened, a small frown creasing her brow as she looked out over the plateau.

From this altitude, her gaze was wont to sweep over a good portion of Rukongai, and in particular, it's heart, Seretei. It was something she was oft fond of doing, and at the same time, not so fond of the idea. Not fond, because it reminded her that she would have to leave the serenity of the mountains, and lately more so, for the presence of the accursed Fell Stones made for much unrest. Even as she herself was intrigued by the Divine Stone, Retsu did not value the unrest it caused in itself.

Fond, for it was a view of her home, and with that view, her mind allowed itself to wander and ponder the movements of those below her. What was Isane doing in her absence? Had the 11th once again taken it upon themselves to harangue her squad? She'd have to do something about that...perhaps another talk with their Captain would suffice.

Or not.

An almost wry little smile curled the female Shinigami's lips at that, seen by no one but herself and the little red-breasted robin sitting in the tree to the side of her form. A talk indeed. It worked, for a little while, but then she would be inundated with 11th Division members again. She could never turn patients away, but the presence of their Captain could be trifling at times.

"I'll stop 'em the day you fight me an' prove me wrong! Come on, fight me, Unohana!"

"Believe me, Captain Zaraki, you would find it rather more beneficial for your well-being if I continue refusing. Now please, cease trying my patience."

That had gotten his attention. She had seen the bright spark of interest in his dark eyes, before his litte Lieutenant had leapt upon her, begging for candy as usual. Retsu could never refuse the girl, and had done just that...sent her home with a bag with the promise that she would remember to bathe and brush her teeth afterwards. And then she had swept away before Kenpachi could further interrogate her and her enigmatic words.

Shaking her head slightly, Retsu let her breath gust idly from her lips. Time to head back to civilisation, she supposed. Another idle sigh, and she tucked a strand of hair that had come loose from her plait in her exercise through the mountains, setting it off a flushed cheek and behind her ear before finding a pathway, and slowly beginning the trek back down from the mountains.

Rangiku Matsumoto
10th Division Lieutenant
In the Vicinity of the Third Barracks
Soul Society

Peace was not something often found when it came to the voluptuous Lieutenant of Squad Ten. Really, it wasn't a word found in most of said division. Though they were no Eleventh (oh god no, the day she looked as effed up as Ikkaku was the day of her demise), there was a suppressed energy about the Tenth, emulated perfectly even in the cold demeanour that was Captain Hitsugaya.

Ah, Captain, I'd be lost without you, though.

In truth, Rangiku would be lost without her Captain. Yes, he grumbled and moaned about her overprotectiveness, but it was that vigilance that kept her going on darker days, that which had kept her in the position she was in now even when she had debated leaving the squad forever post-war, shaken as she was by it's events.

And why wouldn't she be? How could you not be shaken, when the one person who had meant more than anything to you for most of your existence in memory had betrayed you, betrayed everyone and then...then it was apparently a facade, a ploy the whole time.

How did you recover from a heart broken like that?

God, I sound like one of those goddammned soap opera chicks you see on television in Living World.

Rangiku's beautiful features scrunched into a grimace at that, though even that comical expression didn't quite hide the weariness in her blue eyes these days. Oh, if you knew her you'd see it, otherwise she was still happy, loud, lazy, shameless Rangiku, with the indecently low cut haori and the voluminous breasts.

But if you knew her very well, you'd see it. The tiredness, the lack of trust in many things where there had once been trust, the way her mood changed to solemnity and sadness quicker. At present though, it was mainly frustration. Frustration at her zanpakuto; she had spent the morning trying to once again uncover Haineko's bankai, with little results. No amount of cajoling or bribing or threatening or screaming made the blasted ash cat spirit budge, and Rangiku swore to god it had gotten worse since...since...

******* you, Gin. God-effing-damn you.

Rangiku bit her lip hard, staring at her reflection in a puddle on the road. In the back of her mind, she heard her once best friend's voice, teasing her about frowns causing wrinkles, but she pushed it back, just as she'd pushed back the desire this morning to respond to the request to go to Third Division. That had answered for itself - the minute Hitsugaya had seen it, his face had grown stormy, and one look at her crestfallen features was enough for the pint-sized captain to tear the request up strip by methodical strip.

Despite herself, Rangiku smiled a little at the thought. It was nice, in that odd way that her captain operated, to know he cared so deeply for her well-being.

Belatedly, Rangiku realised her spiritual pressure was higher than average - not enough to make those around her suffer, but enough for those worth more than the average shinigami to notice. It was a result of her frustration with Haineko, the thoughts that clouded her mind after. Poor discipline on her part, and a bad decision, too, she realised, when she saw the arch not fifteen feet in front of her was that of the third division.


Hastily, she clamped a lid tight on her spiritual energy, praying to god she'd done it fast enough so that she could make a quick getaway and not have certain people thinking she was indeed paying them a visit. Idiot, why would he think that? She'd avoided him at every opportunity, shadowing Hitsugaya when she was forced into the same room as Gin Ichimaru, vowing in mind and body never to forgive him even as her heart burned at the thought, burnt at the memory those years ago of his near death, and the words that had accompanied it.

Damn it all. Gotta get out, gotta get out...drink...drink is good...drunk is good...whatever...

Those thoughts accompanied a turn of the heel in the opposite direction, yet still strangely hesitant. Pushing all but to never forgive from her mind...indeed.

OOC: Floor's open to you, Gin. xD
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