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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

((Eh, re-using Septem's old post cause I think it fit his emo-ness quite well :3))

Septem - Routaikakami
World of the Living - Karakura Town

In this world of misery, disease, old age, and death, there is no other protection, refuge, or help than our own practice of truth. Others are powerless; as we sow we reap. Septem thought to himself as he stared dispassionately at the humans below him. And then there's me. In this cold, dreary world here I stand, alone. My duty still stands, and my hand shall give you the rewards you deserve, and none of you humans even thank me. You blame yourselves, or "good fortune", never knowing it was my doing the whole time. Ungrateful worms.

On top of the building he was on, Septem could view the entire street. He was in his human form, and a wind played idily with his long white hair. His icy eyes gazed at nothing in particular, and if his severe expression had any power in it it would have frozen the whole block. He wore stark black, highlighting his paleness so it was almost unnatural. With a shake of his head, Septem jumped off the building, unseen by the public. He landed far too softly to be normal, startling the life out of those he landed by. He walked off as if nothing had happened, ignoring the hushed whispers that followed him.

You, he thought, falling into step beside a bearded man. He glanced into the man's eyes and immediately he saw into the man's soul. Everything the man was, and everything that made him to be the person he was folded out in front of Septem's eyes in the length of a heartbeat. He read the man like a map, it was a part of his power to see the hearts, minds, and souls of mortals, so his judgements could be passed without fear of lies or veiling the truth. Your heart is tainted by greed. You found a wallet ten minutes ago with four hundred dollars in it. Because of your greed, you kept the money and credit cards instead of turning it in. Your greed shall be punished one day, another strike against your soul, Akira Toumetai. In three weeks you will bet everything you have on gambling, and you will lose everything you have to your greed. In three weeks you will not even have enough money to buy yourself a cardboard box to sleep in. This I decree, and so it shall be. To seal his words, the ring on his left index finger glowed. Engraved on the ring were the Roman numerals VII, his symbol, which for the briefest of instances glowed like embers in a fire.

Septem did not really like doing his work in human form, in his true form he was unseen and therefore could have passed his rule with a little more flair. Not to mention in his human form his powers were dulled, and could not ring with the powerful conviction he had in his other form. Shaking his head in disgust at the man he just read, he walked on. He passed a haggard woman. He met her eyes for a brief instant and her entire being rushed into his like a flood. You, he thought as the woman turned away. Your life is lived in poverty, and you have three children to take care of. You stole a loaf of bread to feed your family. You have taken what is not yours. Anyone who eats that bread will become sick. He paused for a moment, his piercing eyes roving deeper into the mortal's heart. But yesterday you donated half of your small money to others who need it more. It was a kind thing to do, you have a bright heart in the midst of your dark life. I shall stay my hand, your family shall be sick, but your neighbors are kind. They will take care of you and help you along the way for a week. His judgement passed once more, the Prevailer of Retribution turned away and disappeared like a shadow in the crowd.

And so the silent rewarder went on. He read peoples' minds and hearts and either punished or rewarded them. Nowadays it seemed like he was punishing more than rewarding. Sometimes people would catch him staring at them, and they would look away in alarm when they saw his expression. Some would give him weird looks, as if saying "Why is this creep staring at me?". A few glared back at him, but were ultimately cowed by Septem's unchangeable, unreadable expression. It was Septem's job to observe, and he quickly observed two spikes of energy, one was so familiar that he didn't need to do a double take. He knew a Routaikakami when he sensed one. But what was this he sensed with it as well? Another person of spiritual energy? It was a minnow compared to a whale, yet Septem found the energy most puzzling. It was not like a Shinigami or Routaikakamigami, but familiar somehow....a Quincy? How odd, he thought they were extinct.

His curiosity aroused, Septem turned on his heel and went back the way he came. People ignored him, when he was not using his almighty gaze Septem might as well have been a ghost in the crowd. He turned the street and stopped for a moment to pass out some judgements so he wouldn't be caught slacking off, then headed down the street. There he saw Ronoh in her human form (Hise wasn't it?) along with a dark-haired teenager wearing glasses. The teen could be considered quite handsome, although something about him suggested a reserved nature. Septem narrowed his eyes and concentrated. Yep, definitely Quincy. A most interesting find.

Quinque - Routaikakami
World of the Living - Karakura Town

Out of my way, thank you, you'll find twenty bucks on the street in five minutes. Excuse me, vielen danke good sir, you'll have a lovely dinner when you get home. Pardon me, coming through, very kind of you... Was mainly Quinque's thought process as he threaded his way through the street. His arms were loaded with cardboard boxes, which in turn were loaded for supplies for the Holders. The soft-spoken Routaikakami did not mind in the least running errands for others, which made him the perfect choice to run out and get things because others knew he would get the job done. Of course, he could barely see with his arms full, so he decided to leak just a little stream of tightly controlled power in front of him. The people in front, whether they knew it or not, were being redirected around him to clear his path, although they just thought it was their own free will, which in a way it sort of was. Of course to make it look like he was still doing his job, Quinque was still rewarding people for doing so.

Spikes of spirit pressure reached the sensitive being, washing over him like a tide. Two Routaikakami and somehting else. He didn't really bother investigating, nowadays crazy spikes like that were common in Karakura Town. It was kind of sad actually, the town was under constant assualt from mutated Hollows and really Quinque felt quite bad about it because he knew he was partially the cause. He sidestepped a black-clad man wearing glasses, still putting his thoughts into redirecting the people. He had to getback to the Holders' base, these boxes were getting tiresome.

((Gag, Quinque's part took longer than it should have. >.< ))
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