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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

How very odd.

This town seemed to be full of people with relatively high spiritual pressure. It was strange, as I’d never been in a place where so many such people lived. Oh, here and there you’d come across a city or a village that had one, maybe two people with high spiritual pressure, but never ten, eleven, or twelve. I had my suspicions that many of the ones I sensed weren’t human, but even after factoring out some of them, there was still an unusually high number of humans with large amounts of spiritual pressure.

Perhaps that was why I’d been sent here, not by the Captain of the Holders, but by a fellow Routaikakami who shared the Lieutenant position with me. Normally neither of us had direct command over the other, but Shoitan had been busy taking squads of our team to hunt through another city to the north of where I currently found myself. It made sense that Shoitan would want someone to come inspect Karakura, what with so many possible recruits around. I had to be careful, though; those of the Seekers of Fell and those opposing is in general might have had the same idea.

I was in my human form, walking aimlessly up and down busy sidewalks. Every now and then I’d get a flash, a sort of ripple of someone’s spiritual pressure washing over me. Most of these ripples were weak, but occasionally I’d feel one closer to my location. So far I’d made no moves to track down any specific individual, mainly because I was likely to lose them (and get myself lost in the process; this town was so large I’d get disoriented in no time!). That, and I didn’t want to startle any potential allies by following them around. Certainly those high spiritual level beings would sense my Spirit Fire once I got close enough, and it would undoubtedly put them on edge. I wanted to try and meet one of them face-to-face, out in the open, not by stalking them until they felt the need to go down some abandoned alley and confront me.

I stopped at random intervals, looking at the wares offered by a store or wishing I had the correct currency when glancing at the menu of a diner. I had no money, as I could never keep track of exactly how to use it or how much each coin or piece of paper stood for. As a result, I often went hungry when out on missions, unless I happened to be with someone who had (and knew how to use) money. At one point I stood near a noodle stand and resolved to finally learn how to use money in this place, this Karakura Town. After all, I’d probably be staying here a while, so I would have time to learn.

Or you could always ask to be reassigned to the Soul Society, where you wouldn’t have to bother with money, I thought to myself as I left the noodle stand. After all, the Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads said that any of the Holders could count on the Seireitei for food and shelter if we were sent there. Of course, that unpleasant man Mayuri would most likely come around to bother me, insinuating that to him, I’d be most useful in a test tube in his laboratory. How I dislike that man. I would probably have to stay with someone he’s not fond of to keep him from pestering me and interfering with my tasks.

I sighed and shook my head, crossing a street and once more attempting to run into someone who may be of assistance.


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

Ah, how Zohara hated daytime. Forget all those silly games, movies, and comics you might have played, seen, or read growing up. Vampires could very well go out in daylight and not explode into flames or turn to dust. It didn’t even cause sunburns. It did, however, cause a horrible exhaustion and make their eyes hurt badly. It also cut their strength and reduced them to using the most basic of their powers, such as healing.

However, it would be a waste of precious time if Zohara slept, and so here he was, out and about, his glasses tinted to offer some meager protection against the sun’s glaring light. His coat flapped around his legs as he walked, ignoring everyone passing him by. He didn’t care for the mindless sheep bleating all around him. He was full and content for now, and none of them were useful in any other way besides food. No, Zohara was looking for someone special, someone who would be able to get him into the Soul Society. It would be wonderful if he could find a young Soul Reaper who didn’t know who he was. There was a ridiculously small chance of that happening, though; any Soul Reapers too young to know who he was were probably too young to be sent to the World of the Living to help with finding the Fell Stones here.

The Vampire halted at a corner along with a small group of others, waiting for the light to change so he could cross. How irritating it was to try and blend in, to be inconspicuous and not raise alarm or suspicions. He smiled a bit at the thought of walking out into traffic, laughing as people screamed for him to get out of the road, laughing as a car plowed into him and was utterly destroyed as he himself strolled on as if nothing happened. It would be entertaining to see the humans’ reaction, no doubt, but it would also have consequences. He didn’t want anyone thinking him anything but polite, kind, and easy to get along with. That way those who might prove useful would be more inclined to trust him.

A young woman next to Zohara glanced at him, then did a double take and gawked as the crossing light flashed. Zohara smiled at the young woman and ignored the light and those walking ahead of him, turning the full weight of his gaze on the young human ogling at him.

“Is something wrong, dear?”

“You…you’re a…”

“Oh, I see,” Zohara replied, chuckling. Ever since being forcefully awakened to the truth about creatures such as himself, humans who realized what Zohara was were always dumbstruck to see him around. They expected Vampires to sleep in stuffy, dirt-filled coffins during the day, hidden in clammy, decrepit old castles out in the country. Humans, being the simple-minded creatures they were, were always surprised to see one such as Zohara walking around during the day, as active as themselves.

“Uh, I gotta go…bye…” The young girl gave an awkward, embarrassed smile, waved hesitantly, and hurried across the street as the crossing light began to signal not to cross. Zohara watched her bustle across the street and smiled a bit more, imprinting the young woman’s scent into his memory.

Oh no, my pretty little morsel, he thought. This is hardly goodbye…
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