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Default The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=


There exist in this world powerful creatures known as the Routaikakamigami, or the Elder Gods. These beings are said to exist in a separate plane, a spiritual one, and only come to the world of the living when they feel the need to intervene in mortal affairs. They go by many other names, such as the Blessed Ones and the Legends. Normally, these beings exist in harmony with one another, but there are times, rare they may be, when peace is shattered and the Routaikakamigami go to war.

The Fell Bracelet was a divine item created by the High Routaika, capable of giving to the wearer unimaginable powers. Their normal powers were increased fourfold, they could invoke elements aligned to the individual stones. The Bracelet could never be destroyed and could only be removed by the wearer. It was originally created to give just beings the power to defend and protect the weak, but it managed to find its way into the hands of an evil-hearted being who used its powers for darkness. Enraged by this perversion of noble power, the Routaikakamigami banded their considerable powers together and managed to break the Fell Bracelet into its ten separate components, the Fell Stones. These ten stones were scattered across both the world of the living and a spiritual world known as the Soul Society, in the hopes that they would never be gathered together to reform the Bracelet.

And so for centuries the Stones sat, lost to time and out of memory of all save the Routaikakamigami. As so often happens, though, one of them began to grow tired with the structure of things, and secretly began to yearn for the Stones and for the Bracelet. He began using pawns, having them search through the world of the living and the Soul Society to locate the Stones and bring them to him once they were found. In his greed he was discovered, and the Routaikakiami known as Shintoko, Prevailer of Chaos, was sealed within a spacial dimension. The Stones he had managed to gain were once again scattered, and normalcy returned. Once again century upon century passed.

But there were those in the Soul Society who remembered the Stones and managed to evade the retribution the Routaikakamigami had passed on those who helped Shintoko. They banded together, naming themselves the Seekers of Fell, and, deceiving all those around them, began to hunt for the Fell Stones.

There were those in the world of the living, though, those who also remembered the Stones and were afraid. They were afraid someone like Shintoko would try to reform the Fell Bracelet, and so they, too, banded together in an effort to locate some of the Stones and prevent anyone from gaining all ten. They dubbed themselves the Holders, and with their mission, the race to find the Stones began.

Meanwhile, the Routaikakamigami sensed that unrest was taking place in the world of the living and the Soul Society, and so many of them went to the two worlds to see what was going on. When they learned of the hunt for the Stones, they instantly became divided. There were those who felt the Stones and possibly the Bracelet should fall to whoever was capable of gaining them, and those who felt the Stones needed to be kept from any and all who sought them. There were those who felt they should aid the Holders and those who felt more sympathetic to the Seekers of Fell. And in the middle of this dissent was the High Routaika, who could not control his fellows as they split into separate factions and began warring amongst themselves. Many left their home of the spiritual plane called Doshon, some joining the Seekers, some the Holders, and others forming their own groups to assault all others.

And then true disaster struck.

Shintoko, by unimaginable means, managed to escape from his prison. Overlooked because of the chaos already thick thanks to the war going on between the Routaikakamigami and the fevered hunts for the Fell Stones, Shintoko was easily able to assassinate the High Routaika. With the death of Souta, the Prevailer of Balance, true discord and madness broke out amongst the Routaikakamigami. Without Souta to exert his power over them and at least keep their abilities in check, the Gods’ power was released to full strength. The Seekers of Fell had control of their team wrested from them by the Routaikakamigami that had once been their allies, and in response the Holders gave control of their team to the Routaikakamigami allied with them.

Now it has truly begun. Battles wage in both the world of the living and the Soul Society as everyone races to find the Fell Stones before their enemies do. Destruction is being wreaked in both worlds, and as the chaos grows, more and more innocents are being drawn into the war. Shintoko, having only started his revenge on the other Routaikakamigami, is also once again seeking the Fell Stones and seeking pawns to further his goals. Now is the time for you to join the battle. Now is the time to make a stand for whatever you believe in.

What will you choose…?



1) The Routaikakamigami are spiritual beings, but they are different from all other spiritual beings such as Hollows or Soul Reapers. Their form of spiritual power is known as Spirit Fire, not spiritual pressure, and is a more pure, raw form of spiritual energy (like that of the Ouin, even MORE pure). When one senses their Spirit Fire, it is similar to sensing spiritual pressure, but the “feel” of them are different. In this way it’s possible to tell if someone is a Routaikakami or some other being. High levels of Spirit Fire have the same effect on weaker beings that high spiritual pressure does (meaning it can overwhelm, disorient, and even knock out weaker beings). They can appear as humans, but all have a true form that can range from humanoid to something like a shapeless amoeba. When in their human form, their Spirit Fire is dampened and they are weaker, but in their true form, their Spirit Fire is pretty much impossible to hide and they aren’t weakened.

2) The clash of such high levels of Spirit Fire is causing Hollows to mutate into creatures more monstrous than usual, with greater strength, capabilities, and resistance to damage. These creatures are also visible to people even with very low spiritual pressure.

3) Because I like variety, it’s not just humans, Routaikakamigami, or Soul Reapers you can play as. In this world, there are all sorts of creatures that can exist in either a physical or spiritual state. These include things like vampires, werewolves, demons, and so on. These creatures can live in either the Soul Society or the world of the living, and you can choose a character of any of these races (as well as others).

4) The Routaikakamigami are EXTREMELY powerful. Think a Aizen/Yamamoto love child on super-raw steroids times ten. Yeah, REALLY scary thought, but you should get the idea. These things make Bounts look like schoolyard bullies. Each Routaikakami (the singular version of the word) is a Prevailer of some aspect, be it Light, Purity, Darkness, Loyalty, Trust, and so on. They have powers based on whatever aspect they are the Prevailer of. However, while they are indeed very freaking strong, that DOES NOT MEAN they are invincible! They can be killed like any other character, and they can be injured, especially by one another.

4) This takes place about seven years after the canon, so if you play anyone from the series, have fun with them! Change them around a bit if you want, explain what they’ve been doing the past few years, that sort of thing.

5) Dead characters should remain dead, please.



Each of the ten Fell Stones has a specific power and elemental Bound, which is a personification of a certain element. The Bounds can be summoned from their Stones three times a day; after that, they must remain in their Stone for twenty-four hours to recover. Summoning a Bound makes the powers of the Stone stronger and also lets the Bound interact with the world outside its Stone. Bound don’t have actual genders, but will manifest as either male or female depending on several factors. The Stones, when exposed to bare flesh, imbed themselves in their wielder and can only be removed by cutting it out/off, if the wielder wills it, or if the wielder dies. Each one is a sentient object because of the Bound tied to them, much like how Zanpakuto are sentient blades. The Stones are listed below, along with their power and their Bound. Each one is the size of a regular-sized marble.

Flame Stone- This Stone is dark red and contains the power to create and control fire that burns under any conditions, even underwater or in a vacuum. The fire can be made as hot as the wielder wishes and can burn any material. They also become impervious to being hurt by heat or fire. The Bound of this Stone is Kotui, who appears as a fiery white wolf when summoned.

Droplet Stone- This Stone is deep blue and contains the power to control liquid of any kind, including blood, saliva, water, and so on. The wielder can also breath when submerged in any liquid. The Bound of this Stone is Michi, who appears as a winged golden serpent when summoned.

Wind Stone- This Stone is clear and contains the power to control the wind’s strength, direction, and all other aspects. The wielder can fly when they have this Stone. The Bound of this Stone is Tik, who appears as a large silver eagle when summoned.

Icicle Stone- This Stone is ice blue and contains the power to create and control ice and cold temperatures. The wielder is impervious to cold and can make their body as cold as they like. The Bound of this Stone is Zusu, who appears as a giant blue polar bear when summoned.

Lightening Stone- This Stone is yellow and contains the power to create and control electricity. The wielder is impervious to being injured by electricity and they can restore their strength by tapping into a source of electricity, such as a power line. The Bound of this Stone is Zue, who appears as a large black eel when summoned.

Earth Stone- This Stone is brown and contains the power to control stone and metals. The wielder can make their body as hard as diamond. The Bound of this Stone is Sai, who appears as a black deer when summoned.

Plant Stone- This Stone is emerald and contains the power to control plants. The wielder can absorb sunlight and carry out photosynthesis in order to restore their energy. The Bound of this Stone is Looa, who appears as a large, multicolored butterfly when summoned.

Light Stone- This Stone is dark gray and contains the power to control light. The wielder can reflect light to become “invisible”. The Bound of this Stone is Wetachi, who appears as a large red dog when summoned.

Shade Stone- This Stone is black and contains the power to control shadows and darkness. The wielder can use shadows to immobilize and attack their foes. The Bound of this stone is Andenis, who appears as a large purple raven when summoned.

Divine Stone- This Stone is pure white and contains the power to heal any injury. The wielder can take more damage and is more tolerant to pain, and for a single hour they can become a Routaikakami. This power can only be used once a day. The Bound of this Stone is Tetsumaru, who appears as a white Dragon when summoned.

If all ten of the Fell Stones are gathered by a single person, they will be able to reform the Fell Bracelet. This allows them access to all the powers of each Stone simultaneously, as well as having their powers strengthened by four times. Otherwise, a person owning more than one Stone can only access the powers of one of them at a time. Keep in mind that the Fell Stones have been hidden away for centuries, so it will be extremely difficult to track them down and in many cases to obtain them once you do find them.



In this RP it’s possible you will die. If that happens, one of several things will happen. If your character led a life balanced between just and corrupt they will go to the Soul Society. If they lived a corrupt life they will go to Deathscape. If they live a just life they will go to the Afterlife. If they die before their time they will go to the Hereafter, whether they were just or corrupt. It is possible to return to life no matter where you go, but you will first have to undergo a series of trials to prove you’re worth a second chance at life. These trials should be grueling and extremely hard to carry out.

Dying can also be done in order to obtain a power or artifact from one of the other afterlife realms. For example, creatures from the world of the living cannot go to the Soul Society without first passing through a special portal that turns their physical bodies into spiritual ones. Dying may therefore be the only way for someone to get into the Soul Society to hunt for the Fell Stones or help an ally.

Keep in mind that if you attempt to die over and over you will eventually no longer be allowed a chance to return to life. This is especially true if you do it to keep gaining different powers, or to simply harass other players. In fact, if you repeatedly die your character will lose all powers they might have gained over the RP and will be forced to start over as if the RP had just begun.

Note that if you are a Soul Reaper, if you die you will instantly be reincarnated in the world of the living with no memory of your previous life. Those who die in the Soul Society (other than Soul Reapers) will go either to the Deatchscape, the Afterlife, or the Hereafter.



-Follow all of PE2K’s general forum rules and ToS (Terms of Service)

-No bunnying (this includes killing or injuring a person’s character without permission and/or without giving them a chance to react)

-No god-moding (even Routaikakamigami!)

-Keep cursing to a moderate level

-I’ll allow romance, but keep it forum-friendly

-Only two characters per person.

-Please post restively often, in order to prevent the RP from dying because of inactivity

-Post literate replies, please. No things like random chatspeak and smilies unless your character is sending a text message containing these or something. Also, for the sake of my sanity, please try to not make each of your posts one- and two-liners. That really doesn’t contribute to moving things along.

-At the beginning of each post please include:

Character Name
Location (Soul Society, World of the Living, Deathscape, Afterlife, or Hereafter)
Team (If you are part of the Seekers of Fell or the Holders, specify which) or Alliance (If you’re not on either team, specify if you’re working for the Seekers, for the Holders, Neither, or None. If you select Neither you are working against both teams. If you select None you are fulfilling a personal agenda, which basically means you’re working for your own gain)

You can also post if you are a Routaikakami and if you possess any Fell Stones, as well as any other information you feel important, though you don’t have to.



Aspect (if you’re a Routaikakami, what are you the Prevailer of? Death, Happiness, Honesty, and Light are all examples):
Personality (2 paragraphs please):
History (2 paragraphs again, please):
Description (both human form and any other forms your character possesses; pictures are fine but include a text description as well):
Weapons (includes powers; nothing crazy):
Additional Info:

Note: Even if you’re playing a character from the series, please fill out everything, including History (which shouldn’t be too hard except for what you have to add in consideration for the past several years). Also, keep in mind that Soul Reapers must list all forms and powers of their Zanpakuto, and that ONLY Soul Reapers, Arrancar, and Vizards can wield a Zanpakuto.



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