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Default Re: Animal Experimentation

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
Some animals love chocolate, actually. I believe my professor's dog liked to eat chocolate every now and then. :3

The idea of animal experimentation obviously does include the cosmetics industry, which was why I have clearly separated the cosmetics industry from real research earlier in the page to avoid any confusion. I have also stated that our technology is getting good enough that even the cosmetics industry has moved to growing human skin for cosmetics testing without using stem cells. However, our technology isn't good enough to grow entire organs and the like without stem cells. If we want to learn more about say our immune system, well we need animal models like mice.

To put it bluntly, the majority of the people care less about the poor than animals. The poor suffer way more than animals in experiments because there isn't a law stating that people should be treated decently. We, the rich, are a minority in this world. Thus under your assumptions, we would be ones who would value the life of animals more than humans as long as they are poor.
Okay, now that makes a lot more sense. But I'm just going to drop out of this discussion, seeing as I'm so uninformed about it.
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