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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [SUs] =REVIVED=

((H'okay, bringin' Septem and Quinque back, cuz they were fun :3))

Name: Septem

Age: Whenever civilizations began to rise

Gender: Male

Race: Routaikakami

Aspect: Prevailer of Retribution

Personality: Septem, while he is neither cruel nor soft, deals out his rewards/punishments strictly and fairly. He does not believe in laying off due to mercy, favoritism, justified cause, or whatever. In his mind, he is the Hammer of Justice (even though that's actually Quinque), and justice is either black or white, with no gray areas inbetween. Those who know him think he is strict and straight-laced, and neutral to a fault. However, how can he not be? If were to be too cruel or not cruel enough, then he would either have to punish or reward himself, since his powers do include himself, which got very boring after a while. He devoted himself to being as plain and open-minded as possible, so his own powers would not turn on him.

Septem typically works for his own agenda, since it is his duty to make sure rewards are dealt out fairly, his list of things to do is hardly empty. He is very powerful, since he can judge people by their past actions and put them in excruciating pain as punishment. He cannot deal sides, as mentioned with the "no gray" area before. And prefers to go on with his work while others fight among themselves.

Even though Septem's attitude can makes him come off as cold towards others, it's because he fears his powers. If he were too soft, then he would be punished, just like if he were too cruel. He does care for others, but in his own odd way. One of the things he hates most about his powers is the fact that if he ever looks someone in the eyes, then he can read that person's soul. The only beings this doesn't work upon are his siblings, and a special few Routaikakami.

History: Ever since man first began building civilizations, there was believed to be an entity who either rewarded or punished you for the deeds you did. Sometimes revered to as a bringer of fortune, or the punisher who damned you for your sins, this being (or beings) had many forms, but it was always Septem. Ancient civilizations talk of a judging system after you die to see whether you are worthy of the Soul Society, Afterlife, or Deathscape. Septem was the one who decided and cast into into either of the realms. His jobs ranged from deciding where to send your soul to the simplest things, such as helping an old lady cross a street or tripping a person so they would fall into a mud puddle.

Septem's siblings were created to have balance in the world, and they're numbered from oldest to youngest (Septem is VII, so he's in the middle). He was created after Quinque because it became apparent that one being along could not punish or reward every living thing for what they had done, so two people had to take on the job. Their height of power was in the Roman times, where the ancient Romans even based their numbers off the entities. However, with all of the corruption and killing, Septem found his mood turning sour against the humans. He got darker and began to see only the evil side of the humans race, and he seemed to be punishing more people than rewarding them, something that has followed him even to the present day.

Septem was never to supportive on the idea of a bracelet capable of granting the wearer immense power. He knew how minds worked, and how they could change when granted power. He knew, despite the assurances of his fellow Routaikakami, that the Fell Bracelet would one day either fall into evil hands or the wearer's mind would turn evil from the power it granted him/her. True to his word, the Fell Bracelet was one day used for evil, and although no "I told you so" came from his mouth, everyone knew that was what Septem wanted to say. With his kin, Septem's punishment was swift and fair (in his opinion) the wearer was destroyed and the Fell Bracelet was in pieces.

However, peace is so fragile of a thing. After centuries, the Routaikakami unearthed a plot to gather the Stones and make the Bracelet again, therefore once again causing the potential for evil to have it. Not only that, but the plot was devised by Shintoko, one of their own kind! Like before, Septem helped to divide the Stones again and once again scatter them, and Septem and Quinque decided what Shintoko's punishment would be. He was one of the main helpers who sealed the Prevailer of Chaos away, and he sat back to hope that peace would once again come. But, now those who want the Stones have begun rising again, and Septem once again takes up his lances to deal his rewards and punishments for those who deserve it.

Description: In his original form, Septem is eight feet tall and looks like he is wearing a suit of armor. His armor is red, with gold patterns decorating it. The Roman Numeral VII is stamped in the middle of his chest and the middle of his back, black and outlined with gold. Septem has a helmet that sweeps back, with seven crests on his head and a wide black V as a visor. He has no eyes that anyone can speak of, since no one sees them. Six wings grow out of his back, looking like intricate black and gold lines twining around each other. His Spirit Fire manifests around these wngs, making them look like they're covered in gold fire.

In his human form, Septem is about 6' 3", and looks like a youthful twenty year old. He has white-blond hair that reaches his shoulder blades and startlingly blue eyes. He always manages to look both severe and cold at the same time, and hardly anyone has ever seen his expression change. He has an angular face, pale skin, and wears black all the time. There is a tattoo of a VII on the back of his neck, hidden by his hair, and he has a ring on each finger, each one is inscripted with one of the Roman Numerals I through XIII. He has an ability to blend in with crowds, because of his aspect, people look over him, almost forget him immediately. It is helpful when he has to do his job, even if somewhat irritating.

Weapons: He has seven lances, each with a VII on them. Often they float around him, stabbing people and doing whatever he commands. More often than not he stops people with his powers of punishment. Just about everyone's done something bad in their life, and he can punish you by putting you in excruciating pain. So bad you can pass out. Or if he's not up to it he'll Spirit Fire someone.

Additional Info: His name means Seven in Latin. Because he rewards people for good deeds, seven is called a lucky number.

Name: Quinque

Age: A bit older than Septem

Gender: Male

Race: Routaikakami

Aspect: Prevailer of Justice (ZOMG TWIST!)

Personality: Quinque, although sharing the same job as Septem, seems a lot less serious about it than his brother does. In fact, he is actually pretty light-hearted about the whole thing. It does not mess up his judgements, it's just that he seems less empathic with than Septem. Granted, this could be because he mainly rewards instead of punishes, while Septem does the opposite. He believes that everyone has a good side to them, and even if that person is a total jerk to him, Quinque will always act kindly to them. In fact he is on the good side of the war, even though he is not supposed to take sides. His powers punish him for it, but he endures doggedly.

The Prevailer of Justice always worries aout his brother. He noticed how Septem had grown quieter and more serious a few centuries after he was created, and he fears something migh be wrong wth him. There isn't, but Quinque doesn't seem to realize that no matter how many times Septem says it. He often gets Tria to talk to Septem (which often fails) to see if she can get information out of him. Of course, they both succeed only in making Septem angry at them, and they can't seem to understand that they are not interrogating Septem the right way at all. Quinque is a major supporter of the Holders group, which could be attributed to his lighter side, and he doesn't seem to care about the punishments his power could inflict on his for taking a side.

The one thing about Quinque that many remember is that if he likes you, then you'll have a very good protector until his opinions change otherwise. He's fiercely loyal to those he considers friends, whether they be Soul Reapers, Routaikakami, or even plain humans. He's usually the one person someone turns to when they have nowhere else to go, because they know he'll help them.

History: Quinque was created when mankind first began having morals. Men feared that if they did something good or bad, some unknown and all-powerful force would pay them back in rewards or punishment. Hence, the being who was to carry that out was created, forming Quinque. For a few years, Quinque did his job, rewarding and punishing people fairly. However, there was only one of him, and millions of people. He began getting stressed out and worn, and sometimes he couldn't do his job properly. It was learned simply that one being couldn't reward or punish beings all by themselves, that required teamwork. Then, Septem was created to share Quinque's load.

The two brothers, knowing how the other felt because of their shared powers, grew very close. They were the best of friends, and for a while everything was alright. That is, until Septem became distant. He had seen the evils of the world. He had looked into the hearts of men and more often than not, he had to cruelly punish them for their actions. This led to him being cold and serious, something that worried Quinque greatly. However, Quinque saw more good than evil in the world, and he couldn't fathom what was causing Septem to act the way he did.

When the Romans came around, Quinque and his siblings were revered, even worshipped as gods. Their constant killing man Quinque sad, but while it depressed Septem it only strengthened Quinque's belief that were were good people in the world somewhere. The Romans even based their numbers of the their symbols, the Roman numeral V being Quinque's symbol.

This went on for thousands of years, but then the Fell Stones were created, causing Quinque to think of other things. Septem vehemently thought they were the worst idea ever, but Quinque wasn't so sure. He knew what they were capable of, but he also knew that in the hands of a good person they could do great good. Septem laughed and called him a fool. Then, the world became corrupted, and even though Septem said not a word, Quinque knew he was thinking "I told you so". He helped break the Stones and scatter them across the worlds. When Ronoh was injured and told of Shintoko's plans, he was one of the group who stopped him. Working with Septem, the two brothers decided their fellow Routaikakami's punishment and carried it out. But, when the Stones arose again, Quinque was tired of being Neutral and joined the Holders, much against Septem's warnings.

Description: In his original form, Quinque looks like all of his siblings, which is eight feet tall and it looks like he is wearing a suit of armor. The armor is a bright flame-orange-red, with gold patterns decorating it. The Roman Numeral V is stamped in the middle of his chest and the middle of his back, black and outlined with gold. Quinque has a helmet that sweeps back, with five crests on the top and a wide black V as a visor. It is unsure whether he has eyes, sine no one can see them. Six wings grow out of his back, looking like intricate black and gold lines twining around each other. However, the wings are sheathed in golden Spirit Fire, making him look like he has flaming wings.

In his human form, Quinque looks strikingly like Septem, but there are differences. He has white hair, but it is cut much shorter than Septem's, barely to his shoulders. His eyes are blue, but are a murky dark blue instead of Septem's piercing ice color. He wears black, like Septem does, which is perhaps the only matching thing about them since their outfits are completely identical. On the back of his neck a V is tattooed in black ink, which can occasionally be seen if his hair is brushed away. He has thirteen rings on his fingers, each carved with a Roman numeral, so his siblings can contact him whenever they need him.

Weapons: Quinque's power can manifest itself similar to Septem's. He can put a person in excruciating pain for any actions they did, incapacitating them or just knocking them out. His Spirit Fire is his other main weapons, like most Routaikakamis. However, his physical weapons are five gigantic mallets (Hammer of Justice? Geddit? XD) People might nlaugh at the mallets, but then their laughter stops when they're nearly being squashed or the hammers are causing earthquakes.

Additional Info: His name means "five" in Latin, and his symbol happens to be the Roman numeral V.
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