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Default Mafia.

Hello everybody. I'm Kecleonfan666, and I'm going to be hosting a game of Mafia.

If you have never played Mafia before, do not worry. All the rules will be listed for you to study. If you have played Mafia before, it's just a simple round of Mafia with no special roles. Please post on this thread if you are interested.

1. In Mafia, there are two sides. The Townies, and the Mafia.

2. The Moderator, the person who hosts the game, will privately message each person to tell them what their side is.

3. If you are townie, you only know of your own allegiance. Anybody could be an enemy.

4. If you are a Mafia member, you will also know who your fellow Mafia men are.

5. The Townie side wins when all of the members of the Mafia are dead. The Mafia side wins when all of the members of the Townie side are dead,

6. During the DAY phase of the game, all of the townsfolk (including Mafia) will discuss amongst one another to determine the identity of the Mafia men.

7. Each member of the town will vote on who is the most suspicious among them. They can change or remove their vote, but only before the votes are counted.

8. If a person receives a majority of the votes, then that person is killed.

9. During the NIGHT phase of the game, the townies will not talk. However, the Mafia men will secretly discuss who they want to kill, then send that person's name to the Moderator. That person dies.

10. This cycle continues until either all of the townies or mafia men are dead.

11. When a person is killed by the Townies, their side will be revealed. When somebody from the Mafia is killed, that person's side is revealed.

As of right now, there is no limit to the number of people who can participate. However, that is subject to change at any time.
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