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Default Re: What did you name your rival?

Well you see, I give my hero/heroine names that are derived from the game title. That way, when I trade from one game to another (via cable, wireless, or pal park) I'll know where the Pokemon came from. The Rivals' names are related to the color of the games as well. For example:

Red / Fire Red: Redekker (male)
Blue: Bluno (male)
Leaf Green: Grendel (female)
Yellow: Yelchin (male)

Rival: Oran (orange) male

Gold / Heart Gold: Goldwyn (male)
Silver / Soul Silver: Sylvan (male)
Crystal: Crysten (female)

Rival: Bronzen (male)

Ruby: Ruben (male)
Sapphire: Saffir (male) it's a middle eastern name
Emerald: Emily (female)

Rival: I only wish you could name that one (lol).

Diamond: Damon (male) my nephew's name
Pearl: Perliss (female) it is a real name but I can't remember the source
Platinum: Putnam (male)

Rival: Jade or Jaden depending on the gender of the hero/heroine as it affects the gender of the rival.

Black: Blake (male)
White: Whitney (female)
Gray???: Grayson (male???)

Rival: Don't know yet
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