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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, I think it is! Haha, yeah! XD I don't think any other place would be a good 'season end' though. xD I wrote a little bit more of Mind Whisperer recently. o: Hope I can finish the chapter soon!

Really? Well, that's an awesome name! It's like how I always have a "Stormblade" a "Thunder" and a "Zubbs" the zubat. xD

He is. *v*
Yeah. Haha, good point, and since Articuno was their main focus and the thing they were striving for since the beginning, I agree with that being a good season end. xD Oh, you did? :D I really wanna read that again! I hope so too, because that would be awesome. ^^

Yep. xDD Oh, thanks. x) Haha, yeah, and how I'll have a "Dusty" and name other pokemon after characters. xD Yes! Zubbs. xDD And lately I've been calling my weedle "Weed". xDDDD

Yes. x)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, I know what you mean. xD If I was raised as a trainer's pokemon most of my life I'd have a hard time doing it. D: (Same with me! I just pick them up and put them outside. (Spiders, I mean, not mozzies!)) Well, I know you wouldn't put it in (your story doesn't have that sort of anti-sense!), but there are a lot of stories that do, and it really annoys me. DX

Yeah, that's kind of what I thought when I read it. Shard and the other pokemon would be much more used to it. o:

Oh, just confused me because of the way it was worded, or something. xD

It's even stranger for me! And yes, it was! Well, your chapters were still interesting!

*GAPS* Yeah, that's what I was thinking...LIAR! Oh, plot related stuff? o: I'm excitement!

XDDDD I'm a mind reader! (Do I have to get amnesia now? o.o) I'm very glad you're excited!
Yeah, I think that would be the same for a lot of people/pokemon. As well as the hunting itself, killing the prey would be hard. Dx (Yeah! Usually I'll put them on something since I don't like them on my hands [xD], but yeah. AND GOOD. Mozzies are PURE EBIL. WITH A B.) Gee, that would annoy me too... Honestly I haven't seen that before in stories, I don't think, and I'm glad!

Yeah. Yeah, he would, because he's a frequent hunter. Actually, the colony is full of hunters because they need pokemon to collect a lot of food for their number. And some might not come back with much, so it's better to have lots of pokemon going out and hunting. But yeah, Shard would be very mature about it and be used to it.

Yeah, that's fine. xDD I do word things weirdly!

xDD Well to be honest I don't often find typos in yours. xD Yeah. xD Oh, thanks. ^^'

*GAPS* Cool. And yes! She is a liar! xDD YES, PLOT RELATED STUFF. >:D I'M SO EXCITEMENT. xDDD ME TOO! (I just wrote "I'm so excitement" and then saw yours. xDD)

xDD YOU ARE! And no, it's okay. I'LL LET YOU LIVE...for now. c: xDD

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yes, it is. You sound like an awesome leader!

Well, your story is awesome. XD Yeah, I feel sorry for him too...he must be really freaked out by all that. o_O *understatement*

Oh, really? o: I'm curious! Haha, well that makes sense! XD Aww..I love how he wanted to save her even though she was a fire type! Yes, she did! Yep, I thought so!
Ikari: Thank you a second time! That's lovely of you to say. ^^

xDDD Aww, thanks. *v* Yeah! Especially since he isn't used to it. +_+

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Spark: What are you talking about? You were soooooooo scared!

Blazefang: Are you crazy? You want to go insane and turn out like Cyclone, killing innocent pokemon, or-

Rosie: Or putting one through excruciating pain?

Blazefang: ...yes. ...... *glares at Shard* What's your problem?

Kinje: What do you mean? You battled AWESOMELY! I can't even win in a practice battle, but you were awesome!

Wildflame: That strange houndoom Dusty saw. *to Dusty* HEY!

Alex: *looks at tails* least I have two, so if I lose one, I still have the other. o:

Damian: Yeah, I know.... ;-;

Wildflame: Indeed it does. Hopefully no one ends up like Nightshade did...

Dusty: HEY! I told you to watch yourself, sparky, and I MEAN it. *boils* *to Blazefang* Well I have been called it. But you have a good point... I'D USE IT FOR WORLD DOMINATION!!!

Zhol: O_o

Echo: ...She was kidding.

Shard: *keeps backing away* *to Kinje* I've had practice, young scyther. Remember, a scyther is a warrior, a fighter with skills in many areas.

Dusty: *whispers* Except in the area of hugging others without slicing through their skin! *giggles inconspicuously*

Zhol: Dusty saw...a strange houndoom...?

Dusty: SHH!! You're not supposed to know that! *to Wildflame* Well then, shut your trap! *to Alex* Consider yourself lucky. >.> *mourns for half-tail*

Zhol: *to Wildflame* I hope to Articuno nobody does.

Echo: Why would you hope to a bird?

Dusty: *whacks over the head with a rubber chicken* He's not as cold-hearted as he sounds! (Get it? Get it?)
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