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Default Re: Animal Experimentation

Originally Posted by Sixto View Post
You know what, I was actually going to post my reason, but decided to leave it out as I thought it would be a little stupid to be called a valid reason.

I just don't like animal abuse. I dislike it very much. This is why I'm vegetarian. I don't know why, but I love animals. Probably the only animal I have no problem killing is a roach, but sometimes I feel regret afterward. XD

There is no way for me to control the abuse on animals and I know animal experimentation is actually good for our future, but I still don't support it. This is why I don't support the radiation experiments on monkeys NASA is planning.

I thought about becoming an Animal Cruelty Investigator, but then it dawned on me (with help of Animal Cops: Houston) that I would face much more peril than aid. I've actually seen the Animal Cops a couple of times being filmed around here. I thought of becoming a Veterinarian as well, but that it's pretty much the same situation as with becoming an Animal Cop.

But maybe it's that I don't want to see pain happen to an animal. The very thought of harm on an animal saddens me. This is why I can't support it. But I know it will still happen. I'd rather avoid discussion on animal experimentation because I know I'll be going into a battle I can't win. So, yeah. =\

I know that it's "either us or them", but seeing an animal in pain is just so... not right. :(
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