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Default Re: Animal Experimentation

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
Well yeah, because we need to kill to survive. Whether it's plants, animals, pests, etc., we're killing to eat. We should be killing mice to further knowledge if the mice are handled in a humane manner. There is no reason not to, or do you prefer the times when we just simply leave millions of people to die because of a sickness they have, and we don't have the technology to do anything about it? Would you prefer us still leeching blood from people as a valid form of medicine? There's a lot of things that go down in research that don't deal with stupid stuff like cosmetics, and I think that legitimate use of animals with proper treatment is fine. As I have said, either we test on humans, we test on mice, or we watch people die. We can't have a perfect world where we have perfect medicine and not test on animals.

In fact, you are dead wrong on the part about humans not caring about animals other than humans. For a developed country, those humans care about their own middle-class and up citizens, and sometimes only the elite class. Don't think of us humans as highly as we actually are. However, for the few that actually care about mankind and do animal research, they stand at at least at a higher moral ground than the average politician.
I don't think any human life is worth more than an animal's. It may be 'neccesary' to do this for humans to survive, but it still sickens me.
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