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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

xDD Hahaha, no worries. x) I take forever too.

Yes, yes it is! I need to do that again! xDD I'll try. *shares* Thanks! I think it's good because it's another way of organising things. xD Haha, really? That makes sense! What a long season. xD Especially compared with mine. xD Oh, well that's okay. xD Same with me. xDD Thank you! Awesome. I wanna read some more MW. o:
Yeah, I think it is! Haha, yeah! XD I don't think any other place would be a good 'season end' though. xD I wrote a little bit more of Mind Whisperer recently. o: Hope I can finish the chapter soon!


xDD Thanks! Yeah, I always name an oddish "Ollie" in my pokemon games. xDD You'll find a fair few if you combine them all. xD
Really? Well, that's an awesome name! It's like how I always have a "Stormblade" a "Thunder" and a "Zubbs" the zubat. xD

Yes, hehe, he's a sweetie. xD
He is. *v*

Yeah. I mean, that's how I've viewed it too, and I know if I was a predator I'd be hopeless with killing things because I'd cry every time. Dx I couldn't even spray a spider to kill it when there was one in Nat's room one time. xD I hate mozzies though...I'll kill them... *shudders* Yes, haha, well I never thought that stereotype was true at all, and a certainly wouldn't include it. O_o
Yeah, I know what you mean. xD If I was raised as a trainer's pokemon most of my life I'd have a hard time doing it. D: (Same with me! I just pick them up and put them outside. (Spiders, I mean, not mozzies!)) Well, I know you wouldn't put it in (your story doesn't have that sort of anti-sense!), but there are a lot of stories that do, and it really annoys me. DX

Thanks! 8D Well yeah, and since Dusty's technically a trainer pokemon, she's rarely had to do this. When she does, it's a little unnatural. In fact, it was really lucky she managed to actually capture it. xD And yeah, it is really interesting. ^^

It is? o: Basically it's her being frightened of losing her life since she was so scared of the boulders, and praying to Arceus, really. xD
Yeah, that's kind of what I thought when I read it. Shard and the other pokemon would be much more used to it. o:

Oh, just confused me because of the way it was worded, or something. xD

Oh, well good! No typos is SO STRANGE for me! But good! xD Oh, it was? I'm so glad. xDD I don't think there's been an exciting chapter since the ship chapters. xDD Oh, well good! I'm glad I can initiate those thoughts in people. xD YAY FOR THOUGHTS.
It's even stranger for me! And yes, it was! Well, your chapters were still interesting!

Oh, haha, yes. THE MYSTERY FAILS TO UNFOLD AS OF YET. Yeah. Or, at least, they believe Azure when she said she had no involvement on the ship. o: Hehehe, I'm excited to get to all of that. ^^ Hehe, I actually wonder too. xDD It'll be fun to write. x)

Yep? Oh, haha, that's a good point! Well, she might get to see it soon. x) YOU NEVER KNOW. Oh, thanks! 8D (Hahaha, oh, the irony of that comment. xD) I'm so excited to finish the next chapter!
*GAPS* Yeah, that's what I was thinking...LIAR! Oh, plot related stuff? o: I'm excitement!

XDDDD I'm a mind reader! (Do I have to get amnesia now? o.o) I'm very glad you're excited!

Ikari: Thank you, dear. ^^ It is only fair to everyone in the colony that I treat them with compassion and care.

Why thank you! 8D I'm getting so many compliments. xDD ^v^ Yeah, well he certainly wasn't happy! I feel kinda sorry for him, especially since that's Dusty's main form of attacking.
Yes, it is. You sound like an awesome leader!

Well, your story is awesome. XD Yeah, I feel sorry for him too...he must be really freaked out by all that. o_O *understatement*

*gasp* It's actually a very simple reason why. xD But you'll find out. Yeah. x) Yay! 8D Yeah, haha. I think she wasn't really thinking when she saved him, but he wholly intended to save her when he did. xD Yay! And Zhol saved Dusty too. xD Yes, he was. D: You'll see more of that in the next chapter. (Yeah, she was.) YES! You'll also find out how that happened too. xD Haha, yeah, him. Let's see. xD Haha, well, it's only natural she'd think of that, since fire attacks are how she battles.
Oh, really? o: I'm curious! Haha, well that makes sense! XD Aww..I love how he wanted to save her even though she was a fire type! Yes, she did! Yep, I thought so!

Dusty: It wasn't scary, but annoying.

Echo: You were crapping yourself.

Dusty: YOU WEREN'T THERE! D:< *to Blazefang* Well a Forbidden Attack could actually be useful... >.>

Shard: Uh, thank you. ^^; *to Blazefang* ... *backs away with wide eyes*

Derri: Are you okay?

Shard: A battle scyther? I don't know about that... ^^;

Zhol: Your skills are fairly advanced. *to Wildflame* What houndoom?

Dusty: *pushes Wildflame away* Uhh...s-stop talking about yourself! *gives evil glare*

Zhol: *to Alex* Indeed it did... Ahem.

Dusty: INORITEINEARLYHADAHEARTATTACKANDYOU'RELUCKYYOUSTIL LHAVEYOURS!!! *to Spark* I need to ask about that! All those freakin' pokemon COST ME MY TAIL! *to Damian* Would have HELPED. *is in a grumpy mood*

Zhol: *to Wildflame* That seems very ideal.

Thanks for tuning in, guys, and notably Scy! 8D
Spark: What are you talking about? You were soooooooo scared!

Blazefang: Are you crazy? You want to go insane and turn out like Cyclone, killing innocent pokemon, or-

Rosie: Or putting one through excruciating pain?

Blazefang: ...yes. ...... *glares at Shard* What's your problem?

Kinje: What do you mean? You battled AWESOMELY! I can't even win in a practice battle, but you were awesome!

Wildflame: That strange houndoom Dusty saw. *to Dusty* HEY!

Alex: *looks at tails* least I have two, so if I lose one, I still have the other. o:

Damian: Yeah, I know.... ;-;

Wildflame: Indeed it does. Hopefully no one ends up like Nightshade did...

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