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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

Oh, where am I. If I knew where I was I could probably escape from these pokemon. Ayame kept running, it's been awhile now and she's been getting tired. I walked around those forests a lot and not once have I seen that cave. This area almost looks like... She stopped for a moment, since it was impossible, or was it?


Before she knew it, Ayame was just starting to run into a city.

"What's this!? Cerulean!"Ayame yelled.

She looked behind her, the Houdours and Houndooms waited at the edge of it, almost like they were afraid to enter but smug enough as if it were a trap.
Ayame turned back around, everything seemed in ruins.. and it was deserted, until Ayame noticed a boy about 17 looking, standing to the side looking to the front of him.A boy? Maybe.. he can help me. Ayame walked up side-behind the boy and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Excuse, I.."

Before Ayame finished the boy placed his own hand on hers, Ayame looked up and saw small fangs and red eyes glancing at her.


Just then he threw her with little effort far infront of himself.

"Ahh!" Ayame yelled.

She landed on her feet, thankfully for her acrobatic skills. But then the boyhand grew purple as well as her body as she was slammed against a wall. She lifted herself up, blood dripping from her lip, she looked up, a sharp fang she had as well.

"Well, you aren't the only cool one around!" Ayame yelled as she lifted herself up and appeared before the boy with a fast flying at his face.

The boy frowned as he caught her hand and started twisting it.

"Oh no you don't!"

Ayame jumped up and kicked the boy back, but his firm kept as he feel he flipped her over on her back. Unable to move she looked up at him.

"Wh..Who are you..?" She asked just as she fainted.
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