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No No No...

not to be rude or flaming or anything (note this post contains some criticism)

This team completely lacks a reliable physical sweeper, most of the items you gave your pokemon does not work at all nor does your team work together. Lead Weaviles can barely take a hit. You want to give him Sash to take at least one hit and get off some anti-leading things. Roserade wont work as a team support without reliable supporting moves. Remove aroma theropy and stun spore for HP Fire and Grass Knot. Instead of a Yache Berry, give it a Scarf and possibly remove Extrasensory for Sleep Powder. Change your Lucario to the standard Physical Sweeping set, so you will have a reliable physical sweeper. Give him Life Orb instead of Expert belt. Give Dusknoir Leftovers and Remove Taunt for Shadow Sneak and change its EV spread to 252HP/252 Def for sturdy defences. If you really want a cleric, give Umbreaon Heal Bell instead of Protect for a better supporting role. Milotic is HORRIBLE. Give it Leftovers and delete Aqua Ring for HP Electric or Grass and Remove water pulse for Surf. You want to add more reliable supporters since I see a Machamp ripping through this team like Paper. This team has a huge problem on CB Scizor+ The lack of reliable sweepers put you in a bad spot.

Hope it helps ^_^
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