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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [SUs] =REVIVED=


Name: Zohara Desmond

Age: 456 years

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire

Aspect: n/a

Personality: Zohara is one of the most ruthless, cold-hearted bastards you will ever have the misfortune of meeting. He cares for nothing but his own gain and will cut down anyone he needs to in order to further his agenda. He is very sly and cunning, easily able to make others trust him, which usually ends up getting them killed when they no longer prove useful.

Zohara dos not believe in friendship or love. He only makes "friends" when it suits his desires. His friends are used as much as his enemies, and he feels no remorse when he shows his true colors and turns on those who thought he was on their side. In fact, he finds it quite entertaining when the people he betrays learn the truth about him. Because their reactions amuse him, at times he will go out of his way to gain a person's trust, only to watch them despair before he cuts them down.

Despite his nature, Zohara doesn't mindlessly kill people. He finds that in bad taste and refuses to become some random, lowly serial killer who strikes without any reason. When he kills it is only to get him closer to whatever goal he's reaching for. It just turns out that he's usually after things that call for many people to be murdered.

Zohara is easily amused and pleased, but is just as easily angered. When he gets mad, he has a tendency to strike out at whoever happens to be closest, regardless of who they are. In spite of his cruel and uncaring personality, it is only when he gets infuriated that he will totally snap and go around tearing out peoples' throats. Even though he's a Vampire, he prefers to use more mundane ways of killing people, such as swords or guns, rather than drink them dry. Of course, that's not the case if he's hungry.

He tends to be very tidy when feeding, unlike most other Vampires who joufully tear their victims to shreds. When he is done, he normally calls on his familiars, a flock of hell-crows, to devour the body and thus get rid of it completely. These crows can even eat the bones of a person, making them the ultimate clean-up crew.

History: Zohara was born to a noble family, and for most of his childhood was largely ignored by his parents. His only real friend was a crow he discovered as a fledgling, one that had fallen from its nest. He raised the crow and trained it, though it died when he was ten (his father despised the bird and poisoned it).

Saddened by the loss of his only friend and once more falling out of the attention of his parents, Zohara began to withdraw into himself. As he aged, this withdrawal soured Zohara and began turning him into a cold, heartless person. When he was fifteen, his parents began to finally take notice in him, but only because they wanted him to marry the daughter of a family richer than their own.

Angered by how greedy his parents were, Zohara came out of his shell. He tracked down mercenaries, the best he could find, and hired a small group to slay his entire family, save his parents, whom he killed himself. The act of murdering his parents did something to him and sealed his cruel nature into what it is today.

After the slaughter of his family, Zohara traveled aimlessly. Remembering the only pleasure he'd gotten from another's company, he began to hunt down the nests of crows, taking eggs and fledglings and training them. His crows were normally trained to steal things from others, which Zohara then sold in order to keep himself fed, clothed, and sheltered. There were ones who were trained to attack, however, ones who would peck out a person's eyes and then crowd around them, using their heavy, sharp beaks to tear the victim's throat open. These crows were at first only used for defense, but eventually Zohara realized it was easier to steal from a dead person, and so he had his murderous crows slay people and would then take whatever the corpse had on them. Thanks to this new way of thievery, all of the crows Zohara obtained in the future were trained to kill.

One evening when he was twenty-two, Zohara went to a brothel to spend the night. There he was approached by the owner, a beautiful woman who was charmed by Zohara's appearance and nature. When Zohara turned down her advances and then threatened to kill her, the owner revealed her true nature. In a fit of rage at being refused, the owner, a Vampire, attacked Zohara. Afterward she hid his body in the cellar of the brothel, which was where Zohara woke up a few days later, now a member of the undead.

The owner, whose name was Miriana, offered to teach Zohara if he agreed to stay with her. Not having much choice, Zohara agreed. However, from the very beginning he'd been plotting how to kill Miriana. He stayed with her for three hundred years, after which he no longer felt the need to remain in her company. One evening while she was sleeping, Zohara summoned forth a horde of hell-crows, demonic birds that had become his familiars upon his death. The hell-crows swarmed Miriana, using their beaks to quickly decapitate her. Zohara then set the entire brothel on fire and left as it, and its occupants, burned.

Zohara wandered the world once again, eventually discovering a way into a spiritual dimension known as the Soul Society. It was actually a lucky accident; Zohara had been stalking a young man who turned out to be a Soul Reaper. When the man came upon a portal of blue energy, Zohara followed him through without really thinking about it. When he came out in the Soul Society he was crippled for several days, since the portal had not been designed to allow him specifically to use it. However, his Vampiric body recovered after a while, and Zohara set out to investigate the strange new place he'd come upon.

For several decades Zohara terrorized the Soul Society. Never having encountered a being like him before in the Soul Society, the Soul Reapers were at a loss as to how to find and kill him. It was here that Zohara discovered his hell-crows had a second form; in their normal form they resembled large crows with glowing red eyes and feather-like horns growing from the sides of their heads. In the Soul Society they were even larger, with three pairs of leathery wings, four burning red eyes, and feathers that were as sharp and hard as knives. Their strength was also increased, and Zohara used them to attack the inhabitants of the Soul Society.

After nearly eighty years, Zohara was finally tracked down by Captains from several of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Using his hell-crows to hold the Captains at bay, Zohara struck a bargain with them. Let him return to the world of the living and he would go peacefully, harming no others in the Soul Society. Though he was not strong enough to actively fight even one Captain, Zohara's hell-crows were capable of turning away all their attacks. Realizing that he would simply flee and continue to kill if they refused, the Captains angrily agreed to Zohara's terms. They figured that they could send Captains through later to track Zohara down and destroy him in a world where his hell-crows would be weaker.

Upon returning to the world of the living, Zohara immediately went about learning how to unlock the true form and power of his hell-crows. He knew the soul Society would eventually come after him again and that if his crows could not access their real forms, he would be killed. As expected, within a month Captains were sent into the world of the living. Forced to remain hidden and move often to avoid being found, it took Zohara nearly another eighty years to finally learn how to unlock the powers of his hell-crows. Coupled with the abilities he himself had gained and strengthened over the decades, Zohara finally went out to stand against the Soul Reapers. When they discovered what he had accomplished they withdrew, leaving Zohara to do as he would.

Now, with the reemergence of those seeking the Fell Stones, Zohara has decided he needs more power in order to combat the Soul Society, should they decide to come after him again. He seeks the Stones in order to reform the Bracelet, which will give him the strength to stand against even the Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Of course, he needs to "befriend" (aka, use) someone with the ability to go to the Soul Society, and so has decided to try and infiltrate the Holders.

Description: Clickeh! (Human form)
Zohara stands at an even 6'00" tall and weighs 145 lbs. His black hair hangs a little past his shoulders, and his eyes are yellow, with slitted black pupils. When he gets excited his eyes become dark red. He wears a white dress shirt and black silk dress pants; over these he wears a high-necked black coat. This coat is made up from the down of his hell-crows and can turn away bullets and knifes. He wears the glasses not because he needs them, but because people seem to have an inherit nature to trust those who wear glasses. His wings are spiritual energy given a physical form; he only has them when he wishes to travel quickly.

Clickeh! (Hell form)
Zohara can only access this form in the Soul Society. It is a monstrous 15-foot tall crow with purple feathers that are harder than the hardest substance in any dimension, a fang-filled beak capable of punching through solid steel, and bulging red eyes that can hypnotize those who have weaker spiritual pressure then his own. His five-foot-long gray tail is like that of a scorpion, complete with a foot-long stinger at the tip. He weighs around 200 lbs in this form, and his wingspan measures about thirty feet across.

Weapons: Handgun (shown in picture) ; short sword (not pictured) ; claws ; fangs ; hell-crows ; hypnotism ; strength ; spiritual manipulation (he can use his spiritual pressure as a weapon by focusing it into visible spheres and hurling them at his foes)

Additional Info: Zohara's hell-crows are about the size of golden eagles when summoned in the world of the living. In the Soul Society they are the size of a man (this is their released form). In the world of the living they are extremely strong, fast, and violent, and they can steal small amounts of spiritual pressure every time they peck a foe. This energy is transferred to Zohara, which allows him to heal his injuries more rapidly than usual. In the Soul Society, they can absorb reishi from their surroundings and transfer small portions to Zohara; they can also consume a victim's entire soul if they are weaker than the attacking crow. This gives the crow a considerable boost in strength. While in their released form (in both the Soul Society and the world of the living), their feathers are capable of turning away attacks. Their only weakness in their released state is their eyes and, if you want to get close enough to risk getting torn apart, the insides of their beaks (or more precisely, their throats).

Also, when in his Hell form, Zohara shares the same strengths and weaknesses as his released-state hell-crows.
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