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Default Rock, Paper, Anything

Basically, two (or more) users send a PM to someone who volunteers to be a judge the object they use, and an argument as to how that person's object is superior to the opponent's after both are sent.

Eg: P1 to Judge: Rock.
P2 to Judge: Scissors.
Judge to P1 and P2: P1 chose Rock and P2 chose Scissors.
P1 to Judge: Rock blunts Scissors.
P2 to Judge: Scissors stabs.
The result is then posted here.

Eg: Judge (to the thread): P1 chose Rock and P2 chose Scissors. Rock blunts Scissors and Wins.
Note that these objects are examples. You are allowed to choose anything, be it a shotgun, a well, a lizard, Spock, Etc.

1. Arranging a match is up to you. You can do that here or though PMs. Remember, you need two or more players and a judge.
2. Using incredibly overpowered objects, such as a 'Chuck Norris' or 'Invincible non effectible LAZ0R of DOOM is not allowed.
3. Please don't just be stupid. Any losses will be recorded on your Statistics.
4. The 4 is a LIE!!!
5. Have fun.

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