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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

The Cerberus reincarnates
Island 3

"Heart, Lyla... Beautiful move as always. Who're your friends Ly?" Said Niall, jumping off his seat and hugging his girlfriend.
Yay! No more suicide! Retorted Aidan, giving Lyla a smile. "Dude, you said she was your girlfriend, you didn't say she was hot." Aidan was in a good mood, despite his brother's bad one. When he was in a good mood, this was when he used his smartness most. It was his crowning trait. His pride and joy.

"Yeah, and shut up or I'll have Aqua bubblebeam you in the face, bro." Niall replied, agitated. He gave Lyla a kiss on the cheek, and let her out of his grasp.

"Who's being immature now?" Jack piped in sarcastically.
"Really Jack, I think no one could ever ever EVER get to your level of childishness..."
"Children, settle down now... Now, where do we start guys?" inquired Niall, turning toward the just arriving trio.
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