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Default Re: DoH's Judgetastic Log!



Team Contest
Festival Style (No Single Rank)

Zombie Muse, Teddiura, Wrave, and Dragonite V J-Hawk, Empoleon, Xali, and Bronzong V Feng, Blissey, SiberianTiger, and Furret V Siless, Gardevoir, Zeferin, and Dusknoir V Iridium, Gengar, Kanga, and Donphan V Shock64, Grumpig, Monbrey, and Charizard V Sec, Mismagius, PE2KCalamity, and Wynaut V Haze, Ursaring, Marshy, and Mrs. Mime

Wow, first ever Team Contest. I just want to say this probably would have gone a lot smoother if I had only made it 5 turns instead of 10, but hindisght is 20/20 as they say. Anyways, ON TO THE LOG!

Turn One- I had to come up with a way of calculating how many points would be given for moves that give points based on the user’s position. Thankfully there was a number of Coordinators divisible by 4, so I came up with this:

Moves that give a certain amount of points based on position will be given out points in this order:

First four positions: 1 Heart
Second Four Positions: 2 Hearts
Third Four Positions: 4 Hearts
Last Four Positions: 6 Hearts

Check which position your Pokemon is in; if it's in any of the third four positions (9, 10, 11, or 12), it would get +4 Hearts for a move such as Dragon Rage.

I also needed a way to determine points for moves that give points based on the Crowd Level. This, too, was easy thanks to the fact that the CL was set to 10:

For moves that give a certain amount of points based on the Crowd Level, see the chart below:

CL=0/CL=1 1
CL=2/CL=3 2
CL=4/CL=5 3
CL=6/CL=7 4
CL=8/CL=9 6

So if you use a move such as Sunny Day when the CL is at 6 or 7, you'd get +4 Hearts.

Turn Two- I realized that moves like Attract are simply too broken for a Contest of this size, so I banned all moves that made all Pokemon after the user Nervous. Other than that not much happened.

Turn Three- Nothing much happened during this turn, except for the fact that a majority of the Coordinators actually sent moves.

Turn Four- And thus the epidemic of not sending begins. Also, I had to notify everyone that if they needed to correct something from the last turn to send their moves with that correction. This was because people would send the corrections and not their moves, and this meant they would be Nervous the next turn. I think they were waiting until after I’d corrected the last turn to send their moves, but the problem with that was I sometimes didn’t check PMs for the Contest until the day I was going to post the current turn’s results.

Turn Five- Nothing really happened except Dusknoir using Leer to lock the CL and Blissey using Giga Impact and making me do more work because of Jam lol.

Turn Six- Bronzong continued the phailness of Jamming the Mon before it with Psychic. This turn I started adding little blurbs about when a Pokemon can avoid being Jammed; I hadn’t been doing it before because I could never think of anything to say.

Turn Seven- This was the turn I really began seeing the lack of moves being sent. I’m assuming people either forgot, lost interest, or got irritated that their partners weren’t sending. Maybe it was a combination of those factors. Either way, any Team Contests I do in the future won’t be this long.

Turn Eight- Furret was the one wearing the asshat this turn with our old friend Giga Impact. Moves like that suck in a giant Contest, I swear. Also Mrs. Mime managed to snag +30 Hearts, which was ridiculous but funny as hell. What was also funny was the fact that Gardevoir locked the CL at nine.

Turn Nine- I guess the more people who didn’t send moves, the less work for me, but it sure made for some boring rounds. It was almost as bad as when people were trying to SPAM Attract/Encore/whatever in the first few rounds.

Turn Ten- Like three people used Destiny Bond but only Gengar got the combo for maximum points. Ursaring tried to follow Mrs. Mime’s footsteps in getting more than more than 16 Hearts, but it only managed to get +20, Other than this this turn was just about as bleah as the last.

And so that’s how that went. I was expecting to have to keep a more detailed log on this thing, but not nearly as much happened as I anticipated, so meh.


Individual Placings-
Mismagius: 1179 PTS
Grumpig: 659 PTS
Blissey: 398 PTS
Empoleon: 398 PTS
Ursaring: 1487 PTS
Dusknoir: 288 PTS
Wynaut: 266 PTS
Charizard: 626 PTS
Teddiursa: 91 PTS
Furret: 267 PTS
Mrs. Mime: 797 PTS
Bronzong: 212 PTS
Gengar: 990 PTS
Gardevoir: 639 PTS
Donphan: 167 PTS
Dragonite: 0 PTS


@ 8th Place w/ a combined score of 91 points are Zombie Muse, Teddiura, Wrave, and Dragonite. $1,500 | $1,000 CC
@ 7th Place w/ a combined score of 610 points are J-Hawk, Empoleon, Xali, and Bronzong. $2,000 | $1,500 CC
@ 6th Place w/ a combined score of 665 are Feng, Blissey, SiberianTiger, and Furret. $2,000 | $2,000 CC
@ 5th Place w/ a combined score of 927 are Siless, Gardevoir, Zeferin, and Dusknoir. $2,500 | $2,000 CC
@ 4th Place w/ a combined score of 1157 are Iridium, Gengar, Kanga, and Donphan. $3,000 | $2,500 CC
@ 3rd Place w/ a combined score of 1285 are Shock64, Grumpig, Monbrey, and Charizard. $3,500 | $2,500 CC
@ 2nd Place w/ a combined score of 1445 are Sec, Mismagius, PE2KCalamity, and Wynaut.$4,000 | $3,000 CC
@ 1st Place w/ a combined score of 2284 are Haze, Ursaring, Marshy, and Mrs. Mime. $4,500 | $3,000 CC | Ribbon of any Attribute and Rank (as long as the Pokemon has the previous Rank’s Ribbon if choosing one over Normal Rank)

I get $8,000 for Judging this monster.
Paired with Shen, the most epic Bleach fan around :3
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