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Kaioo's Fanfictions

I am the Oracle of creation, the seer of the future, I am Kaioo. Well, my fanfiction days started way back in '08, where my stories were quite frankly, not that good if I am totally honest. I proceeded to retire around '09 leaving my fics to crumble into dust. I returned henceforth in August, and have, only yesterday, formally returned to the fanfiction writing business. I did write a fanfiction earlier in September, however, I have given up on it as I feel it has quite frankly become ridiculous, as well as the restraints I forced upon it because it was about a roleplay I participated in, and the characters were all from it. Now, I have turned an old Roleplay I created into a new Roleplay, which didn't even start, and turned that into a new fanfiction, a trilogy, or maybe a four parter, dictating the events of a fiery feud between two siblings. Now, enjoy.

Recognised Stories

Title: The War for Axian I
Progess: Active
Rating: PG
Genre: Action,Adventure,Thriller&Mystery
Summary: The land of Axian is thrown into chaos as the King's brother returns, with an army in tow, and a war erupts between the two factions. This takes place in the views of King Keiru, leader of the Royalists, as he leads the royal forces retaliation against the Separatists uprising.

Personal Views: I actually would of started this way back in the last two weeks or so of September, however I couldn't really think of a good way to start up the story, though I did have a somewhat vague idea. Now, here my story is, feedback is wanted, and hopefully I will actually finish a fanfiction, and be able to go onto the second part.

Stories Thrown Into The Pit Of Doom

Title: Giratina
Progress: Dead
Rating: PG
Genre: Mystery&Action
Summary: Giratina is acting up, and it comes down to one trainer to try and stop Giratina.

Personal Views: I really can't remember much about Giratina, but it was my furthest fanfiction ever, lasting around six or so chapters... However the length of them consisted of around 10 posts, now compare that to TWOAI, which probably outmatches it in two posts. I loved the Fanfiction whilst I was writing it, but looking back at it, it wasn't that good, however I can learn from it.

Title: Deadly Alliance(I think)
Progress: Abandoned.
Rating: PG
Genre: Action&Thriller
Summary: The brother of Ash Ketchum, Keiru Ketchum, went missing saving his brother from a rockfall, and he is back, and hunting down the companions of Ash.

Personal Views: In all honesty I didn't like it, however I was originally writing it to try and give some backstory to Keiru and his disappearance, and resulted into turning it into a pathetic pulp of hunting down the characters and killing them, which in my eyes was pathetic.

Fanfictions In Mind

Personal Views: I have contemplated on some other fanfictions besides my chronicle of The War of Axian, and I have some ideas, however I don't really want to do them, as though the ideas are somewhat good, I want to totally focus on the TWOA arc, and fully complete it, wrap it up, and distribute it amongst the world of Pe2k. Therefore, though I do have ideas, I cannot be bothered to attempt them because of my dedication to actually completing a fanfiction for once. This however, does not mean I will not share my ideas in this thread.
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