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Default Re: Islaamic Extremists.

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Imperialist? =) Boi, you must have never studied real imperialism. Everyone hates the US for exercising our power, but when you compare us to past world powers (i.e USSR, Britain, Spain, going all the way back to the Roman Empire) we are extremely nice. I don't think I have to prove that the US has yet to invade another country, set up massive numbers of American settlements, and enslave and murder the local people.
Unfortunately, due to the differences in geographical, economical, geopolitical, etc. climates, comparing US imperialism with basically any other kind of imperialism in the past is like comparing apples with oranges. The only real "link" between the two is the fact that a single country is controlling other countries.

In fact, I would presume that US's methods are more efficient at imperialism than the more clunky methods used by Britain, Portugal, Rome, etc. due to the fact that the system of controls is "remotely controlled", something that none of the other empires were capable of doing. That is, global economics, WTO, IMF, World Bank, etc. as a control method is something entirely new that separates US imperialism with older methods of control, which requires physical occupation, as you have said. The fact that this form of control is invisible to the layman's eye should be immediately obvious as to why it's been so successful.