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Default Re: Six on Six Double

I would try include new Pokemons in your team, their movesets are good

Take Slaking and Shuckle out and put Milotic and Machamp instead

I would also:

-Teach Dragon Claw for Tyranitar instead Thunder Fang;

-Take Night Slash out of Heracross and put Bulk Up or Counter, you can easily defend yourself of psychic types by using Megahorn instead of NS;

-Put other fighting type move over Heracross' Close Combat, Brick Break, huh!

-Night Slash on Drapion? I would teach Earthquake.

Another problem with your team are the hold items, Choice Band and Choice Scarf are good but stat uppers still better, below my suggestion:

-Starmie is good, let it hold Mystic Water or Twistedspoon;

-Tyranitar should hold Hard Stone, Soft Sand or Blackglasses;

-Soft Sand or Leftovers for Flygon;

No words for Abomasnow, it's grown good, but keep in mind that fire destoies it!

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