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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Lyla Emony
Flying to Island 3
10:25 A.M.

Heart flew high into the sky, heading towards Island 3. Aqua in her arms and Heart flying her. Lyla would only be happier if Niall were here. "Hey Aqua how about we show off our beautiful moves to entertain our friends?" Lyla asked Aqua. Aqua nodded and jumped with excitement. "Heart lets do an axle spin!" Lyla explained. Heart spinned rapidly in circles and Lyla held onto Aqua tightly. "Now Aqua use Bubblebeam!" Lyla commanded. Aqua shot out bubbles from his beak and span around Heart's body. Heart looked like an aquatic whirlpool.

"Heart you ready? This is the tricky part. Use Air Slash!" Lyla exclaimed. Heart slapped his wings together and the bubbles dispersed into small sparks of shiny dust. The air currents still covering Heart. "Now Heart Aura Sphere," Lyla commanded. Heart shot out a blue sphere of aura in front of him. "Heart use Aerial Ace," Lyla ordered. Heart zoomed through the aura sphere and was enveloped in waves of blue aura energy. "Aqua finish this with Drill Peck!" Lyla exclaimed. Aqua's beak began glowing and growing. He then slammed his beak into the waves of aura surrounding Heart. The beak disperced the waves and shone like rainbows.

Lyla stood upon Heart's back with Aqua on her head. Heart landed onto Island 3 gracefully with Lyla standing on his back and Aqua on her head. "Ta-da! So how was that show?" Lyla exclaimed happily. Aqua danced happily on top of Lyla's head and Heart was flapping his winds joyfully. Lyla smiled brightly. She petted Heart and hugged Aqua tightly. "Both of you were great!" Lyla exclaimed.
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