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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Niall, Jack, and Aidan
Island 3

"When is she getting here??
Aidan inquired. He had a stocky build. Not exactly muscular nor fat either. He had brownish eyes, and short, well kept black hair.

"Not long now, she had to pick up Mima and then she was coming here with Heart." Heart, Lyla's Togekiss, was who she usually had for transportation. It was something that Niall was now looking around anxiously for.

"She's just a girl, Niall, Jesus christ." Said Jack. Jack was probably the most popular of the 3, but the popularity most likely went to his head, seeing as how he was always narrating himself and talking about himself in 3rd person like your average arse down the block.

"You wouldn't say that if that girl with the big boobs would acknowledge you!" Niall recalled his old friend Rosalina, who's name he wasn't ever going to tell Jack, because like all of his other crushes, he would start muttering her name in between snores at night. "Now, would everyone chill until the girls get here?"

"Oh god... Here we go again...""
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