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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

The question was a hypothetical and philisophical one. We have absolutely no way of knowing for certain why we're here unless the Powers that Be come into this plane of existence and tell us directly him/her/themselves.
If you are talking about absolute mathematical proof about these, then there are none, because that cannot even be applied here. Things like socilogy, politics and religious doctrines, they cannot be proven with mathematical evidence, nor empirical one. At the end of the day its a matter of belief, but- and its a big but- that belief need to be justified by Intellectual means. Sure, there might not be any proof for it, but there might be every pragmatic reason to believe in it. Please refer to my first post in this particular thread for more info on this.

Well then let me ask you a question. What proof is there for Islam?
I wonder if this thread is proper to answer that question, why do we not discuss this elsewhere? Open another thread perhaps?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mohammad never actually did any miracles, nor was he actually divine in any way.
Well you're wrong, Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) did perform miracles, but that is completely besides the issue. Whether someone performed (the past tense is important) any miracle or not doesnt have any bearing on the matters truth. We have Prophets all over the Bbile performing signs and miracles, this doesnt ipso facto prove they are Genuine Prophets of God. The reason is obvious, you are not able to verify whether what those authors were saying about Miracles are true or not. You cannot go back in time machine (at least not todays age) to check if those people were legit.

Secondly, whether Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) was Divine or not this true is completely besides the issue. A person claiming divinity doesnt show hes legit in claiming that. We have had loads of people from all over the world claiming Divinity. This does not add a salt-grains intellectual weight to their claims.

He was just a man with a wife, a kid and a day job who claimed to hear an angel delivering revelation to him. Whether he was telling the truth or not, I don't know, but people believed him, not because he offered any proof but because they really liked what he was saying.
First off, there are proofs, and there are intellectual basis, and people believed him out of the evidence he brought with him, as well as the clarity and sensibility in his message. Islaam is kind of a package deal: there are multiple "facets" to it that is intellectually appealing. A person can claim to be intellectually legit if he picks any of these, as long as his motivations for picking Islaam as a religion is legit.

There was no intellectual basis, and unless I'm very much wrong there still isn't.
What evidence do you have that proves that there is no God but God and Mohammad is His prophet?
You're very much wrong. Again, should we discuss this issue right here in this thread or open another one?
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