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Default Re: Islaamic Extremists.

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
Also, for the record, Iím actually more on the conservative side, and there is a lot of liberal beliefs I personally donít agree with. But to your points:
He's not referring to liberalism as a matter of politics, but the philisophical concept upon which most of the Western world is based, emphasizing individual liberty and equal rights. Nothing to do with tax rates and gay marriage.

I personally donít believe its either. Itís a guideline created under the idea that all individuals were created equal, and that one group of people doesnít have leverage over another group of people due to uncontrollable circumstances such as race or gender. Instead, people are judged more on the content of their character. Personally, I donít think this is flawed, no more so than the alternative of a social caste system that is often subjected to internal conflicts.
Agreed. I'd also add that it's a concept of political equality, not necessarily social equality. That we aren't necessarily treated as equals by each other, but are equal under the law-which essentially means that the same laws apply equally to everyone.

Any way you slice it, extremism of any nature isnít justified with the killing of innocent people. On 9/11, I saw the twin towers collapse on television, knowing a horrific amount of innocent civilians were killed, national security was suddenly threatened, and with it, a chain reaction of distrust and suspicion was caused. And this was felt worldwide as well with subsequent terrorist attacks. Honestly, I donít know what we would be doing that could possibly be considered ďfar greater wrongĒ than what Muslim extremists are causing.

If youíre referring to Iraq (Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom) and Afghanistan, these campaigns were started with the objective of removing terrorist threats and taking a destructive dictator out of political power. During World War II, we originally stayed out of the war, while destructive war criminals like Hitler and Stalin came to power, and slaughtered millions of innocents. In truth, it is our intention to avoid having the same situation arise again. The reason why Iraq was targeted was the potential that weapons of mass destruction existed within Iraq. It was better to attempt to search and turn up nothing than to remain indifferent toward it and allow someone to use such weapons because we wrongfully chose to ignore the issue.

Also, there is American presence throughout the world, it isnít just in the Middle East.
I'm also going to add that the comment about the "Secular Liberalistic political paradigm" was completely and totally uncalled for. We don't deliberately and directly target innocents for the sake of politics. We don't set into motion multiple wars and conflicts through the slaughter of innocent civilians all for the sake of political goals.
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