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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Mimori Sato and Reno Sato
Island 2
10:11 A.M.

While waiting for Lyla to arrive, Mimori and Reno got to talking about each of their journeys, comparing the difficulty each of them had. For the most part, Reno’s journey was the toughest one, but that may have been because Mimori had 5 Pokemon when she began hers. All of their Pokemon would be at the same level of power because Reno used a different team in each Region, and combined the best from each of his teams into one for the Island League. Just as they were getting onto the topic of who each others’ rivals were, Lyla came in the front door and asked if Mimori was ready to train.

Mimori stood up, as did Reno, and nodded. “Yup. By the way, this is my big brother.” Mimori said, motioning toward Reno. She had told Lyla a few things about Reno, mainly about how he was challenging all the Leagues he could find. She then turned to Reno and motioned toward Lyla. “This is Lyla, the friend I was telling you about.” She said.

Reno nodded, he knew that Lyla was the name of one of the Leaders of this League, so his suspicion had just been confirmed. He looked at Lyla and nodded. “It’s nice to meet you.” He said.

Mimori looked over at Lyla and smiled. “So, what’s the plan for today’s training. By the way, I hope you don’t mind if I invite Reno to come with us, because I already did.” She said, before walking toward the door, with Reno following her. Their footsteps echoed throughout the room. Mimori already knew that this training session was going to be interesting because Reno was going to be there.

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