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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon Island League[RP]

Lyla Emony
10:10 A.M.
Flying Towards Island 2

Lyla and Heart flew over the crystal blue sea. Some Finneon and Goldeen would sometimes jump into the air. Lyla found this quite amusing. She loved to see pokemon in harmony. "How are you doing Heart?" Lyla asked her pokemon. "Toge To!" Heart exclaimed with a smile. They were now about to arrive on the island. Heart prepared for a landing.

Heart slowly and gentley descended. They landed firmly and gracefully on the ground. Lyla loved training with Mima because she always learned something new. "Thank you so much for flying me here Heart! Now take a rest," Lyla said lovingly as she returned her pokemon to his poke ball. Lyla walked over to Mima's Island Dome. A closed sign was on the door.

Lyla walked in to see Mima talking to someone. "Hey Mima! Are you ready for our Sunday training? I have a new move I want to show you! I promised Niall we would meet up with him to train on his island if that is alright with you," Lyla exclaimed happily. Lyla's poke ball opened and her Piplup had emerged from it.

"Pip pip lup!" Aqua exclaimed angrily. Lyla's Piplup hated being inside his poke ball so Lyla usually carried him in her arms. "Aqua I'm sorry. I forgot to take you out," Lyla apologized. Aqua sighed and jumped into Lyla's arms. Lyla held him in her arms, spoiling Aqua as usual. Lyla sighed. Maybe I shouldn't spoil Aqua so much...

Dax Hansen
10:10 A.M.
On A Boat To Island Five

Dax looked at the number of his boat and realized he had gotten on the wrong one. He had inteneded to go on boat six, but accidentally boarded boat five. So now he would face Leader of Island Five. He just shrugged his shoulders and laid back in his seat. He felt it would be not too much of a challenge to claim victory. He knew he would be the champion in the end but he wanted all of the battles to be insanely fun as well. He adored challenges.

Rosalina Martin
10:10 A.M.
Island Six

Rosalina walked back into her Island Dome. "Tess and Bruce lets come on out!" Rosalina shouted. She tossed two poke balls into the air. Tess was a Torterra and Bruce a Blastoise. Bruce had been her starter so she was closest to him. Rosalina adored all of her pokemon equally. "How are the best pokemon in the world? Fabulous as always I'll bet!" Rosalina arrogantly stated.

She sat down at one of the expensive tables on the left side of the battle field. Her pokemon rested on the battle field arrogantly. Rosalina pulled out a brush from her pink leather purse she always carried around. Rosalina began brushing her long red hair as if she was trying to make someone jealous. This was normal behavior for her. "No wonder I have the Beauty Symbol!" Rosalina exclaimed as she continued to brush her hair.
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